What do you take when you feel anxiety? Medicine? And what do you take when you are suffering from Flu, allergies, asthma, migraine or bad mood? Definitely you would be using medicine for these as well. different medicine for each kind of sufferings. The same will be in case of pain in different parts of your body such as neck pain or muscle aches. You would take pills or apply some oil or pain relieving cream. How would you feel if I would tell you there is one solution to all of these problems and diseases? Stunned? Yes same was the case with me when I came across this miraculously effective product called Palo Santo Essential Oil.

This special kind of oil is taken from a tree that inhabits the coast of Ecuador named ‘Bursera graveolens’. In Spanish it’s known by the name Palo Santo “holy wood”. Local people have been using the wood of tree to make different medicine since ages. Palosanto is rich in terpenes such as limonene and α-terpineol. So it has plenty of benefits hardly seen in any such kind of other tree.

Apart from many many benefits in diseases and physical illness and pains it’s also considered as tree of luck. As the wood from Palo Santo is used against bad energy as well. Best thing about this oil is, trees are not harmed in the case of making this oil. As the Palo Santo must fall by its own in order to extract the Palo Santo Essential oils and also get incense sticks. So one has to wait for it to dry and fall down rather then cutting the branches of the tree that’s generally done in other trees. Here is an overview of how this  oil is made.

So this oil can be the best solution for allergies and health issues such as Flu, allergies, asthma, migraine and bad mood, just a drop of oil in water and it’s vapour can take care of the issue. Apart from that it’s also the perfect for Meditation and  psychophysical relaxation. You will surely feel positive energy getting rid of negativity inside.

A few drops on the chest at heart level, nose and the neck can get rid of panic, stress and laboral anxiety. And a proper massage using Palo Santo Essential Oil can reactive blood circulation and recharge the energy level. Means this oil can take care of plenty of issues we face in our routine life. No need to buy a bag full of medicine, just one bottle of this oil should be kept in house and you will feel what difference it’s going to bring in your life.