You should start the day with a morning walk, whether it be around your local park,beach or cafe. It can provide a number of benefits to your mind and body.Walking is good for your body  because it’s simple, engrishing,free and easy on your joints. Walking is the best way to get moving and increase the physical activity in your daily routine.

Here are 5 benefits of a morning walk.

Its boost your brain health:

Walking has a number of health benefits, but you know fitting a morning walk into your daily schedule can boost your brain function. Some researchers have found walking increases the supply of blood to the brain which is linked to improved memory concentration and problem solving. 

The best exercise in the world is morning walk, and has also been found to improve the brain resistance  of disease and reduce the effects of memory loss over time.

It reduces mussels and joint Pain

It is very difficult to get out of bed in the morning due to muscles and joint pain. Morning walk is very useful for you because it can help you protect your joints through straightening the mussels around the joints. Walking is a low impact activity on your joints,it can be a great way to relieve stiffness and swelling.

Improve your balance 

Morning walks not only energise your body but it also increases body strength. Which is an impact element of your balance. A combination of walking strength and exercise can improve your balance and prevent falls. Which can be a common occurrence of your age.

Deeper sleep

A morning walk is not only a great way to see the sunrise and catch up with friends, exposing yourself to the bright morning sun can assist in setting your natural rhythm which improves your sleep cycle,promoting a healthy night sleep.

Natural boost of energy

Morning walk to start your day can leave you feeling refreshed and you can be young.studies have found that walking can have a significant role in increasing your energy level. It helps in reducing fatigue, keeping your feelings energised throughout the day. 

The next time you feel tired when you wake up,lacing up your shoes and taking a walk can provide the natural boost of energy.