When iron rich foods are not sufficient to treat iron deficiency or iron deficiency anemia, iron supplements can boost iron levels and have them feeling well again. In the majority of instances, people who show symptoms of anemia can increase their iron levels back to normal levels within three months of starting to take iron supplements. Inside of a year, from that point, they will have replaced the iron stores in their bone marrow.

Iron is a protein in red blood cells that is critical to produce healthy and functional hemoglobin. It does this by carrying oxygen through the blood stream to all the body’s organs and tissue, and helps muscle cells to amass it. When the body doesn’t have an adequate hemoglobin (or enough red blood cells), it doesn’t get the oxygen-rich blood that it requires. This iron deficiency causes the condition known as anemia.

This illness causes weakness, shortness of breath, depression, fatigue, and additional symptoms. The physical symptoms that often result include cold hands or feet, pallid skin, irregular heartbeat, chest pain, and fragile finger nails. Pica, (a disorder that makes suffers eat non-nutritional objects), and lack of cognitive clarity are symptoms that are less common. A few additional symptoms that might result from an iron deficiency are headaches, tongue inflammation and soreness, lack of appetite, sexual dysfunction, and restless leg syndrome.

During their childbearing years, some women are at risk of developing iron deficiency anemia because they lose iron rich blood each month during their menstrual cycle. Additionally, during and after pregnancy, many women become anemic as additional iron is needed to supply the growing baby, and need to take prenatal vitamins to prevent this from happening.

Just like any other medical matter, it is important that women check with a healthcare professional before they decide to take iron supplements. This is important because these supplements can potentially interact with medications, overdosing is dangerous, and they can cause a variety of side effects that can include digestion problems, nausea, vomiting, stomachache and constipation, among other things. Healthcare professionals can perform tests that show a person’s iron levels, prescribe an iron dosage to safely bring levels back up to normal, and indicate what a person can do to avoid as many side effects as possible.

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