Natural Remedies for Acne

May 31, 2011 0 Comments



There are so many methods with the help of which you can care for acne. There is no shortage of capsules and tablets in the market. There are various types of ointments and gels and everybody says that they are the best in the market. Nevertheless what about our health? Do you think that these companies will ever think about the side effects of their products? The number of cases is not less when people have faced the issue of side effects. On the top of that many of them got the gift of cancer also.

The information of acne dos and donts should be clear to us. We should use natural remedies to cure acne. We should not use those medicines which are not advised to us by our doctor. It will be helpful for us if we gently use strawberry leaves on those parts which are affected by acne. If we use the oil of tea tree then it can assist us to stay away from germs infectivity.

We should not touch those parts of our skin which has the influence of acne. It may give some bad effects on other sections. If we clean our face frequently then it will be wonderful for our skin. It will be beneficial to use a little warm water. Do not forget to add a small amount of salt in that water. Drink at least 3.5 litres of water in a day. Teenagers have to make sure that their hairs are not coming towards their face. It is very dangerous for your skin because the bad outcomes of acne can come on those sections. You can use peppermint also to treat it successfully.

We should not forget to wash our face with a cleanser that has been prescribed by our skin expert. Ladies should not forget to clean the makeup before they go to bed.

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