Sunburn Treatment

Sunburn Treatment
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Sunburn is a painful reminder to us during hot, summer days. Fairer skinned people are higher prone to getting sunburn more than darker skinned people. We have all experienced sunburns, whether is a light burn or a heavy burn. Here are some home remedies to help out in the home.

There are 3 types of burns. 1st degree, 2nd degree, and 3rd degree burns. 1st degree burns are described as having the red color and pain. 2nd degree burns are accompanied by the red, pain, as well as water bubbles.

If the bubbles are more than 2 inches in diameter, seek professional help immediately. DO NOT POP THEM!! If there is a discoloration in any of the oozing, again, seek professional help immediately!!

3rd degree burns are all of the above and including patches of white skin. This is the most dangerous form of sunburn. It is best to seek medical attention immediately!!

If there are any red or white streaks, go to the nearest ER and seek professional help. There are many forms of home remedies for the first 2 burn degrees.

1st degree and 2nd degree burns can easily be handled by placing cool compresses to the damaged area. You can also use over the counter medications but try to stay away from medications containing “cane or caine” at the end. People are sensitive to the pain relief medications. DO NOT PLACE OIL BASED PRODUCTS ON BURNS!! The old wives’ tale about placing butter on the burn can actually do more damage. The oil based products can cause the pores of your skin to clog and keep the burn from ‘breathing’, thus creating infection.

Try taking a cool shower. NOT COLD. Taking a cold shower or bath can cause the body to go into shock. If you wish to take a bath, you can add vinegar to your water. The vinegar will take out the sting from the sunburn. You can also cook oatmeal and add it to your bath as well.

If you live near a creek, you can use the bottom stalk of the plant called “Touch-Me-Nots”. Take the root section off the plant, and chop them into the blender. Though it looks gross and nasty, the juice from this plant, will take out the sting and itch. This also works well with poison ivy too. You can also use Calamine lotion to help relieve the itch. Freshly steeped chamomile herbs can help relieve the sting associated with sunburn too.

Potatoes can be used to relieve the pain from the sunburn. Take 2 potatoes and wash them well. Cut them into tiny chunks and place them into a blender. Liquefy the potatoes. If they are looking dry, add a little bit of water. Pat the areas with the potato juice. Wait until dry and then take a cool shower.

You can also make an oatmeal pack. Cook oatmeal and wait until it is cold. Place in the refrigerator if necessary. Again, taking a shower to remove the oatmeal pack.

Once you have accomplished all of this, use Aloe Vera to add moisture to the burn. Ingest larger quantities of liquids as well as keep an eye out for signs of infection. Look for an evaluation of temperature too. If there are any signs of infection, seek professional care at once!!

DISCLAIMER: These are home care tips only. These tips are not to replace your regular health care provider. If unsure at anytime when you receive your sunburn, call your health care provider for assistance.

To protect yourself next time against sunburn, use sunblock and replenish it according to directions. It is best to replace the application 30 minutes to 1 hour before the next one is due. Apply immediately after water fun or sports. Wear light and loose clothing. Wear large brimmed hats as well as the correct type of sunglasses. The sun has been known and proven to cause cataracts in extreme cases.

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