A Kick In The Teeth May Be Good For You

June 5, 2017 0 Comments

“You may not realize it when it happens, yet rather a kick in the teeth may be the best

thing on the planet for you.” – Walt Disney

When I read this quote, I immediately resonated with it. The kick in the teeth came for me when I lost a standout amongst the most important sales in my young sales career. While we never like losing a sale, now and again when we do there can be some great that originates from it. There without question was the case for me. This is what happened.

I had been working as an investment representative for about two years, and I wasn’t great at it. Now and again I’d have a not too bad month, and most other months were completely bad. I was living paycheck to paycheck, and amidst, I was living on my Visas. In fact, my cards were maxed out then this happened. I desperately required a sale to pay my lease, and in case I could close one that day, I could ask the administrator for an advance so I had some spending cash for the finish of the week.

Fortunately, I had sent a plan to a solid client who purchased a share in each deal I sent him. And fortunately again, we had another deal that had as of late been released, so I Federal Expressed it to him and was anxiously looking forward to closing him. If he did his normal one unit in the new deal, I would earn $1,000 – adequately just for lease cash and $200 left over for the finish of the week.

It was a Friday, a hot day in late May, and I came into the workplace with somewhat of a propriety in my movement. I was feeling a mix of expectation, tender enthusiasm, and just a tad bit of fear. Generally, nonetheless, I was almost certain my client would purchase and that I would skate during another season of nearness.

The appointed time came, and I dialed my client’s phone number and he lifted straight up. I unveiled to him I had been looking forward to speaking with him and asked if he had gotten the new program. What he said next was the kick in the teeth I hadn’t anticipated…

He said, “I got it Mike, and after looking at it, I think we’re going to pass on this one. Call me on the following one.” Then he hung up on me.

Devastated, shocked, overwhelmed with dread, these and many other appalling feelings overpowered me. I stood holding the beneficiary to my ear until the fast beeping came on. Gradually I hung the phone up, and my musings moved to how I was going to pay the lease, place gas in my car for the finish of the week, and so on. I was basically ruined.

I went for a long walk in the heat of the San Fernando Valley, and many things encountered my mind like how did I ever get into sales in any case; what I was going to do after I quit the business that day; what was going to be different for me at my next occupation; what was going to happen to me….

And then another idea hopped out at me. I imagined that in case I quit this work as a failure, then I’d as of late halted again if and when the going got extraordinary at my next occupation. Then I started thinking of the main three makers at my present company, and thought of the not too bad cars they drove, the pleasant suits they wore, and about the houses they had. And I realized that in case they could be productive there, then I could as well.

In fact, I made a dedication immediately. I presented that I would learn and begin doing everything they were doing, and that I wouldn’t surrender until I, as well, had transformed into a top maker. My mantra became: If they can do it, I can make strides. I was drained and tired of being debilitated and tired, and I concentrated on working harder, investing time and vitality (and cash) in myself, and that I was going to do any and everything I could to prevail before I gave up.

Through the span of the following 90 days, I went from last place in sales creation, to the lead position. I literally transformed my sales performance and my life. I did it with dedication and hard work. I was the primary individual in the workplace and the last to leave. I filled in for late moves and finishes of the week listening to my recorded calls and made adjustments to my scripts. I replicated the strategies for the top makers and visualized phenomenal results. I was driven; I was willing.

I had experienced the kick in the teeth that is beneficial for you, as Walt said. While it felt ghastly to have that client not purchase from me that day, I now realize that if that if he had, I would have continued living hand to mouth. I didn’t have any acquaintance with it then, yet when he said no, it was the beginning of another dedication and another life.

Today, when something doesn’t go as planned, I ask myself what I can learn, and how this can be beneficial for me.

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