Consuming Green Tea Can Assist With A Healthy Life

July 29, 2015 0 Comments

By James Brown

Many of us only think of or drink green tea when we dine in an Asian restaurant. The idea that it might be beneficial to our health never enters our minds. There is a great deal of research available that will change our minds about green tea and it could be beneficial to our health to investigate just what green tea can do for us. Asians have consumed this tea for hundreds of years and used it, not only for an enjoyable beverage, for a health tonic or elixir for various conditions and ailments.

Just look at the shelves in our grocery stores and pharmacies. There you will find all kinds of products containing green tea – shampoo, sunscreen, toothpaste, soap, and various tea drinks. There may be over 700 products that contain green tea on our shelves for consumers to choose from today.

It is important to note that green tea is an antioxidant. That is an enzyme has the ability to reduce damage due to oxidation caused by free radicals. Those antioxidants that we are familiar with are enzymes and additional substances like vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta carotene. They can counteract the damage caused by oxidation. They are also known as food additives like vegetable oil and fish oil. However, we are discussing green tea and green tea is very high in antioxidants.

Antioxidants could reduce the possibility of cancer and to deter the progress of brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s. It has shown positive results in staving off the progression of macular degeneration.

Since research has shown that many skin cancers are caused by UV light that will penetrate the skin’s layer and invade the chromosomes through the DNA molecules which, in turn, is the reason harmful mutations are started. This development is abetted by oxidative stress and, once again, inflammation. Inflammation seems to be the basis of many disastrous conditions that so many people suffer from.

Now comes the properties of green tea with its amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory features including the enhancement to the production of interleukin-12. Interleukin-12 seems to aid in repair of DNA and, thus help stave off skin cancer.

Skin cancer does not seem to be the only cancer that can be stopped by the properties of green tea. There are skeptics and the jury is still out on everything that this supplement can do, but why not add this remarkable natural supplement to your daily routine. There is nothing to lose and ever so much to gain.

James Brown is passionate about health and fitness. James is retired from the United States Air Force and conducts research in the areas of natural dietary supplements. Green tea as a supplement may be the answer to improving your healthy lifestyle. You may obtain additional information on the amazing health benefits of supplements containg green tea by going to: =>Best Dietary Supplement

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