For an effective workout you need proper diet plan !

November 12, 2017 0 Comments

If you want to lose weight/body fat, tone up, build muscle, get a ripped six pack, get a smaller bum, lose fat of your stomach, legs and hips, get fitter, stronger and healthier or even if you are training for a specific event, then you need to give importance to your diet and nutrition plan along with your workout.

Far too many people work hard in the gym, sometimes 4-5 times per week yet fail to have a great diet and subscribe to the theory that they can burn of the extra calories. You can’t. It doesn’t work. Try to spend a little of your time planning your diet for the day. If you need to go and buy the food then go and buy it. Don’t be at the mercy of what is available at work come lunchtime.

Spend more time on your diet than you do in the gym and see your results sky rocket!

So what type of diet should you follow if you are looking to maximize you results in the gym? What type of food or recipes will be good for help you achieve your weight loss goals? Is there any kind of diet that can produce fat loss from the WHOLE body including the abdominal region? What kind of diet and nutrition plan you will need to follow for getting the desired abs? So all that needs a proper diet and nutrition plan.

I have recently came across a cooking book ‘ The Anabolic Cooking Cookbook’ by Dave Ruel. The book covers all the above queries. It got more than 200 “Anabolicious” recipes. Recipes are easy to make. Some of these can be made in minutes so don’t have to worry about the time.The book is equally good for men and women. The book is written pretty simple and even a beginner can get maximum benefit out of it. So you must give it a try. To order this book

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