Author Doug Setter Presents Reduce Your Alcohol Craving

March 26, 2016 0 Comments

March 18, 2016: Author Doug Setter is pleased to announce the official publication of Reduce Your Alcohol Craving, a comprehensive guide to reducing the cravings and poisoning effects of alcohol.

About The Book

Reduce Your Alcohol Craving presents a natural approach to alcohol craving based on people’s biological makeup instead of their level of will power. The six basic biochemical reactions to alcohol, such as hypoglycemia or allergies, will cause different reactions, ranging from aggression to sleepiness. While not a “cure” for drinking, author Doug Setter discovered that the system reduced the poisoning effects of alcohol, hangovers, and craving.


Reduce Your Alcohol Craving is based on the research of scientists Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw, Dr. Joan Larsen, and even AA founder William Wilson.

Praise for Reduce Your Alcohol Craving:

“Throughout my career, I have seen plenty of misery and broken lives from addictions. Doug’s approach to alcohol addiction is amazingly simple.” William Bell, former Vice Squad, Winnipeg Police Dept.

“It’s hard to see how anyone reading this book could not learn a clearer pathway to a more normal life. It’s your life to live well, and he tells you how from the ‘been there’ perspective.” Carroll Wolverton, author of Method Weight Management: A Common Sense Approach to Weight Loss

Reduce Your Alcohol Craving is available in paperback format (ISBN: 9780557079865, 126pp, $22) everywhere books are sold. For more information, please visit or contact

About The Author

Chronically ill and underweight as a child, at 18 years old Doug Setter was 120 lbs and too skinny to join the military; however, he managed to convince the recruiter to let him join. Through training and nutrition research, Doug gained 35 pounds, became a paratrooper, and later was a marathon runner and champion kickboxer.

Doug holds a bachelor’s degree in human ecology (nutrition) and is the author of One Less Victim, Stomach Flattening, and the award-winning novel Selo.

To learn more about Doug Setter, please visit

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