How to Find Out Diabetes

April 20, 2011 0 Comments

There is no special formula to find out that a particular individual is undergoing from diabetes. However a person who is going to suffer with diabetes will definitely show some symptoms. We need to take some extra precaution if we see those symptoms. I am discussing here those warning signs that can be very dangerous if we don’t do something on time. A person who is suffering from this dreadful disease will start losing weight suddenly. The body starts consuming more fats and proteins which are already stored and this causes a sudden decrease in weight.

Those people who are suffering from diabetes surely face the problem of polyuria. It is the condition of repeated urination in a short span of time. Body does not consume water properly and due to which the number of urination start increasing. It happens because of high level of glucose and kidney does not keep water in the body for a long time.  Another symptom is the extreme level of thirst. There is a great loss of water within the body as it is going out constantly because of the urination. People like to drink more water and still they do not feel satisfied.

There is also the problem of tissue collapse within the body due to which a diabetic person feels tremendous appetite. The level of hunger is so much high that the patient cannot control it. If this problem is not cured properly then the patient faces the condition of undernourishment. That person gets tired even after doing a simple work. They also face issue of proper vision. Their mood changes a lot and the wounds take a long time to get cured. It is important for those people to stay away from high fat and high sugar foods. Fried stuffs as well as alcohol drinks can also be dangerous.

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