5 Most Important Work Outs to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

July 30, 2015 0 Comments

By John Powers

There are no set rules, when it comes to the type of exercise routines that should be included as part of a workout program. However, the routines that you do choose, should give you maximum value in achieving the desired result.

Men’s workouts normally consist of five areas, and within these areas, there are different exercises, which can combine to build different routines.

Men’s Workouts:

Warm-up Exercises: A proper warm-up is essential before any training session. This is true for both Cardio and Anaerobic workouts. There are many different exercises that you can combine when designing a warm-up routine.

Skipping rope: Skipping rope is an excellent way to get your blood flowing. Skipping continuously for three minutes is enough to get the heart beating and blood flowing throughout the body. It is also great for loosening up the shoulder, wrist and ankle joint

To warm-up for weight sessions: A good warm-up before you start lifting weights is to perform and repeat the movements first without weights.

The exercises performed in your warm-up routine should reflect what you have planned for the workout ahead.

Cardio Exercises: Cardio exercise play’s a big role in men’s workouts, by helping you burn-fat and shape your body. However, often when people think of Cardio exercise they think about spend hours running or hitting the Thread mill. This is certainly not the case!

Mountain climbers and Jump squats are two simple but powerful exercises that can be included as part of a Cardio routine.

Jump Squats: Jump squats are like regular squats with a slight twist. Instead of returning to the down position, you explode upwards when stretching towards the ceiling.

Mountain Climbers: Mountain climbers are an excellent exercise for building Cardio endurance while also building core strength and agility.

Anaerobic Exercises: To build muscle, you first have to work, muscle, and one of the best ways to work muscle, is through anaerobic exercises.

Pushups: Pushups are a very versatile anaerobic exercise. They allow you to work many different muscles such as the forearms, biceps, triceps, shoulders, traps, upper back, lower back, abs and glutes.

Weight Lifting: Weigh lifting exercise routines will be at hearth of most men’s workouts. There are multiple exercises that you can do with weights to build individual muscle, and muscle groups.

Flexibility Exercises: Flexibility training helps to keep your joints and muscle free of strain. Stretching muscles after a training session is a good way to alleviate some of the soreness, and flush down some of the toxins that build up.

Static Stretching: Static stretching is the more traditional form of stretching exercises. Most of you have some stage of your life performed such an exercise, e.g. bending over and touching your toes this is a static stretch for the hamstrings and lower back. With static stretching you want to go to the point of discomfort and then hold the stretch for 30-60 seconds

Dynamic stretching: Dynamic stretching exercises use the speed of movement, momentum and active muscular effort to bring about a stretch. A classic example of a dynamic stretch exercise would be the Leg-Lift.

Warm-Down: Just as you warm-up before you start a training session, you need to Warm-down when you finish any workout session.

Doing gentle stretching exercises at the end of your workout helps restore your muscles to their natural resting state. Warm- Down exercises also help remove waste products from your muscles, such as lactic acid, which can build up during vigorous physical activity.

Most of us live busy lives, and don’t have the time to spend hours training every week. Therefore, the time we can devote to working-out, has to really count.

When designing men’s workouts, you need to consider what exercises and routines will give you the maximum impact for the time that you can actually devote.

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