The mGym Trainer for New Moms

The mGym Trainer for New Moms
December 12, 2017 0 Comments

Are you a new mom? If you are, firstly I want to congratulate you on safe delivery and your new journey on motherhood. During the gestation period, it is true that most women gain over ten pounds of fat. This is because women have the propensity to gain weight when pregnant: their body is preparing them both (the mom and the baby) for a healthy gestation period and delivery.

Now you’ve had your baby and you’re thinking about getting rid of all the baby fat acquainted with child bearing especially if you were previously underweight. You want to get that aesthetic body of yours again and lose all those post-baby belly fat, this is the right blog for you.

There’s a new product available to help you burn these baby fats and it’s called mGym trainer. It’s the first smart complete trainer and it’s very much portable. The team who made this trainer, Alexandre and Pierre-Luc, electrical engineer and power-lifter respectively are both fitness trainers. They had built this trainer from the scratch just to meet the necessary fitness needs especially for new moms.

This trainer offers a range of resistance between 10lb and 85lb. It makes it easy for you to perform a complete workout involving all muscle groups. Still skeptical about this product? I’ll give you few reasons why you should get this trainer now:


In this new age of technology, there’s a need for the fitness industry to go digital and this product meets this requirement. The mGym trainer communicates with your smartphone or other smart device: tablets, etc. and lets you be in charge of your training. It notifies you on the exercises performed and their respective repetitions, rest time, calorie burnt, total training time and more.The mGym Trainer for New Moms

Custom Training

mGym trainer allows you to create and define your own training regime by selecting the preconfigured exercises available. This means you can define your regime; you don’t have to perform exercises which you feel are too complicated- you are in complete control of you training. The custom training includes advanced features such as shadow training, automatic weight adjustment between workouts and automatic strip sets.

Reduces workout time

The mGym trainer automatically adjusts weight between each exercise. You never need to add plates or hassle for dumbbells again; This alone reduces 30 percent of your training time so you can work out quickly and attend to your baby. The times of tracking sheets are over, let mGym do it automatically.

PortableThe mGym Trainer for New Moms

I said earlier that it’s the first smart and portable trainer. The mGym trainer weighs less than 20 pounds; this means you can take it along with you when you travel. It’s not a bulk machine that consumes substantial space in your home, it can be kept under your bed or in your closet; that’s how portable it is.

Concentric only training

mGym is a concentric only trainer, when training no force is required in the rewind phase. Concentric training is an exercise which causes contraction that shortens a muscle. It is the shortening phase of a lift i.e. pressing the bar up when bench lifting and standing up with a dead lift.

This means you cannot use much weight during the concentric section of the lift but more fore can be generated. These types of training increases the frequency and intensity of your workout leading to faster results.


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