Eco-Friendly & Environmentally Safe BENCH BARRIER

January 9, 2020 0 Comments

Good or bad, all kinds of gyms have some drawbacks and issues and the best of all is bench seats and equipment having germs and dust on them. But now there is a perfect solution to all these problems. BENCH BARRIER is a high tech, portable, and easy to use bench seat cover, designed to keep users clean and free from germs on gym equipment without having to use paper towels and sanitizer—letting you focus on exercise rather than cleaning

Here are some of the top benefits of BENCHBARRIER


  • Easy to Use (multiple uses before it needs laundering)
  • Odor Free (kills bacteria & fungus using silver ions)
    • No More Cleaning Before & After using equipment
  • Saves Time in the gym
    • Better Workouts (time + reps = intensity!)
  • High Level of Comfort (soft + ultra-absorbent)

So enjoy Less Cleaning, More Reps with BENCHBARRIER

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