Stylish and Innovative Fitness Smart Watch ‘PulseBud’

June 29, 2020 0 Comments

I am a health conscious person, actually something more than that, as my friends call me a health geek. In my opinion one should give proper time to his /her health, fitness and diet. Never eat too much and avoid junk food. Take part in sports, go to gym or at least go for a routine walk. It’s your health and not the wealth that matters at the end.  I am sure you will agree with my point of view. And in current epidemic Covid-19 scenario the ones who are more conscious for to their health are the survivors.

So you can imagine persons like me (I know there are hundreds of thousands out there) take each and every precautionary measure possible to stay healthy and fit. It’s pretty tough to maintain that with classic methods. So I am always in search of fitness related tools, gadgets and inventions. And the most recent addition to my fitness plan and routine is my fitness buddy ‘PulseBud‘.

This gadget has made my life so much easier and smart. It’s actually a Fitness smart watch that comes with wireless earphone. Means you can not only take care of your pulse and other sports and fitness related measurements but also enjoy the ear buds with it. It has proved to be a perfect solution to all my fitness problems. It uses advanced sensors to monitor your heart rate, calories burned, steps, and blood pressure. So I don’t have to use multiple tools to measure all that stuff.

Apart from that this smart watch got an amazing design. There isn’t any chance of not loving it. With it’s wireless earphones you can listen to music, have a chat with your love ones. And you can actually control the call and music from your smart watch itself. It can prove to be very useful not only during sports activities but also in travel. You don’t have to carry too much fitness related stuff with you. No BP checker required on the move now if you got PulseBud with you.

Beside fitness related stuff it can work as normal smart watch as well. You can find mobile phone, step counting, auto-sleep mode, alarm clock and use your camera with it. And you can read your text message on it’s beautiful and crystal clear LED screen and get phone call notifications from your phone. As far as compatibility is concerned it’s compatible with both iOS, Android and all Bluetooth devices. Means no matter what kind of cell phone you got you can attach this fitness smart watch with it.

As far as price is concerned, it’s pretty reasonable. And if you are considering to buy it now you can consider yourself lucky to get the best deal as it’s available in 50% discount in only €53.48

So what are you waiting for you. Whether you are a health geek like me or not this Fitness smart watch can prove to be your best buddy. Check it out here.

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