Are you fit enough to begin as Urban dancer in your 40s ?

March 17, 2017 0 Comments

Whenever I come across inspiring stories of motivated people, I have a feel of sharing it with my readers. One such inspiration I felt when I came across an online blog Urbanafter30, a blog by an urban dance in her40s. As the name suggest she started her journey into the urban dance scene as an older women. Normally we feel that the 30 is the cut-off age for professional dancers. But she out of her inspiration started late and now she is an element of sheer inspiration for younger people.


Starting all this in 40s  is quite unusual. But she is doing that for a good cause. In hope to inspire a cross generational approach to performance arts, inspire people of all ages to follow their dreams and invite more people of all ages to enjoy urban dance with her!

For the younger people she is a true example of healthy and inspirational living. She has never let go her dreams and at last got success and that’s what younger people should keep in mind as well. They never have to stop their dreams and even if they can’t get it in young age they should keep on trying while getting older. It’s never to late to start!


I would suggest you to visit her site, contact her and get true inspiration and advice for a successful life and healthy living. She never got old as Urban dance keeps her young, beautiful, sexy and spiritually in tune. Join her in this inspirational work, for dance workshop or in any other way you feel.

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