How to teach an older child to ride a bike

teach an older child to ride a bike
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teach an older child to ride a bike

The bicycle ride is fun. Not for kids only, adults also enjoy the ride. Nowadays you will see adults are going to their workplace by bike just to enjoy the ride and saving the nature. If you teach your kid from very small age, it will be very easy to ride the bike for them as they grow up. But when you want your old child to learn the ride, it may be a tough one for them to enjoy. Here you will get a clear process of how to teach an older child to ride a bike.

There was a time when an older kid learns to ride a bike by grandparents or daddy letting them hold the handle and they both stay in stress and tired when they both runs with the bike.  It is pushing it and letting them run it. It is an old and traditional method.

There is a modern technique that let the learning to ride easy and slowly. You will not have to learn the pedaling, steering and balance at once. This technique makes the rider stress fee and eager to learn. You will see your kid will learn fast when you apply this technique.

Don’t force your kid to learn to ride the bike. Let them grow interested in riding the bike and wants from you. This desire will help them to learn riding bike.


The teaching process to ride a bike:

  •    Pick the bike that lets your feet to stay on the ground and the seat is low. if the seat is high, make sure to make it low. Don’t put any training wheels. If your kid is comfortable then you can remove the pedal also. Let the ride on a grassy area.
  •    Make sure your kid has a helmet, long pant, and shoelace. It is for the safety and confidence.
  •    After few ride attaches the pedal. First start with one then attaching the other one.  Let the kid enjoy and feel comfortable when you are riding.
  •    Take your kid in an open space like the field or a playground. Let him practice riding in a straight line. Here he can also practice sudden brake.
  •    Teaching turning is a tricky one. Try a corner place to learn this step. It is all about the pedal trick.
  •    Let your kid enjoy the bike ride. Don’t force him to learn fast. Let him do the learning properly with interest and break. When you are in teaching time, bring all his favorite snacks. It will make him happy and he will ready to prove it to you by learning properly.


Common Errors and Tips in training to bicycling:

  •    Don’t force your kid to learn ride in a very first day. One thing will help them a lot when you will give them a known bicycle that they have a ride on young age. It will give them the courage to learn.  Don’t try the one training wheel method.  It doesn’t clarify balance and is not stable.
  •    When you are pushing your kid’s bike, don’t let them think that they are riding it. Let them gain courage and confidence. Let them try on their own.
  •    Start with a low seat. Because it is better for start with the low one. Then gradually go for the higher one.

Why it is so important to teach your kid to ride a bike:

Bike riding is a fun and skill that helps a lot. Your kid will not only be happy with a bike but will also enjoy a healthy life afterward. Here I will show you the reasons to teach your kid to learn to ride a bike:

  •    This is the simplest outdoor activity that everybody enjoys. Your kid will enjoy a pure fun with her bike.
  •    By learning a bike ride, your kid will be active. You can tell this ride is a fun physical exercise.
  •    You will be amazed to see the development of your kids not only physical but also the mental health. Your kid will stay happy and healthy.
  •    The best outdoor activity that will help to grow a strong bonding between family and kids.

As this era is all about technology, kids tend to stay busy with electronic devices. You will see all the kids loves to stay in-house and playing video games than to play outside in the sun. but it is not totally a good news for parents. Kids are growing lazy and sick. To save the generation, we parents need to be alert and make time for our kids to enjoy fresh air with outdoor activities. The bike ride is the best option to keep kids healthy and active. You will see the difference in your kid when you will give your kid a bike to ride. Let your kid teach ride from little age. If you can’t give a bike in young age, try to get one when your kid is little older. You may think it is hard to teach an older kid to ride, this wonderful article about how to teach an older child to ride a bike will help you to teach your kid. But remember don’t force your kid to learn bike ride in one day. Let him learn with fun. There are many kinds of the bike in the market for kids. Don’t go for the looks, take the bike that is best in material and helps your kid to stay safe and happy.


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