A free program to boost your Resilience!

June 9, 2020 0 Comments

The Coronavirus pandemic is upending life as we know it, making resilience one of the most valuable life skills you can have right now. Developing your personal resilience helps you to deal more effectively with the change and uncertainty that have become a part of all our lives.

Resilience is the the ability to deal constructively with change. A resilient person feels confident in their ability to adapt to what they can’t change, and to positively shape their future where they can.
Central to Resilience is the need to manage – or even eliminate – chronic stress. You can’t make sound decisions when you experience a high level of stress, nor can you focus on what you need to do. Managing chronic stress effectively helps you to adapt to situations you can’t change. But you also need strong willpower to stick with whatever it is you plan to do, whether that’s something you have to do – like work or study – or something you want to do, like invest into your physical and mental wellbeing. Many people underestimate the importance of willpower, despite all the evidence that strong willpower leads to a more enjoyable, more successful, and better-balanced life.

Neuroscience has taught us a lot about how the human brain works, and why it is so hard to change the way you behave and think, even when you are highly motivated. Neurothinking, a behavioral change agency, has just launched a Resilience Program designed to work with the hardwiring of your brain to help you make the changes you want to make, whether that’s learning a more constructive response to chronic stress or conserving your willpower so you have a better chance of achieving what you really want to achieve – despite all the barrier to progress the coronavirus may have created. The program is free as a contribution to dealing with the impact of Covid-19. You can access this free program on www.neurothinkingprograms.com

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