The Indications Displayed By Someone With Generalized Anxiety Disorder

August 26, 2012 0 Comments

Generalized anxiety disorder is a condition in which an individual feels extreme level of anxiety that tends to occur for no reason. In many cases, the stress is unusually high and can continue for longer periods of time. The physical signs of the disorder include trembling, nausea, sweating and dry mouth. There are also mental signs such as trouble concentrating, irritability and tenseness.

Though anxiety is a typical response of the body for stress, with individuals who are struggling from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) the condition seems more than what is anticipated and will continue to exist even if the causes of stress are gone. Medical professionals couldn’t find an apparent factor that would trigger the symptoms of GAD.

Some study has assumed that hereditary disorders and history of mental ailment can be the reason why a person may experience generalized anxiety disorder. It is also thought that traumatic events in the past may cause the development of severe cases of anxiety in an individual. The physical symptoms of anxiety usually occur when the brain sets up a flight response with the sympathetic nervous system. The nerves will respond as the person’s blood pressure rises and creates the increasing level of anxiety indications such as dry mouth, nausea, breathlessness and sweating. To relieve the symptoms medical professionals generally prescribe medicines like xanax. According to experts of xanax abuse, most of the medications of anxiety have addictive properties and doctors advise sufferers to follow the dosage properly.

Many people who are suffering from GAD will have reduced ability to concentrate and will feel higher level of fatigue. This is typically the reason for having problems in school and at work. The difficulty in sleeping will also cause issues in the patient’s daily obligations. Since he will have sleepless nights, he may become irritable causing him to lose concentration with works and studies. Many people who are suffering from the condition often find temporary comforts from drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. However, this situation only makes the condition worse.

According to many professionals of drug abuse centers if symptoms for GAD will continue to exist for over six months, you must search for proper diagnosis. Sometimes the causes for the problem can be other health conditions such as thyroid disorder and heart failure. In many cases, it is hard to identify GAD from certain types of psychological disorder like depression.

The signs of generalized anxiety disorder can be also treated with therapeutic procedures such as cognitive behavioral therapy. Seeking a treatment early provides more chances of recovery.

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