Where Is Yerba Mate From

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Where Is Yerba Mate From And What’s The History Behind This Herbal Drink?

Yerba Mate is from South America, and it is a popular herbal tea in several countries there. On that list of countries is Paraguay and Chile, just to give you an idea. In recent years, the herbal tea is making its way to other parts of the world more often, and people in the US have been taking notice. Are there more herbal tea connoisseurs these days?

You might say that there are, and more herbal teas are also available to more people. The fact that you can order them online has much to do with that. Have you already ordered some different herbal teas online? Perhaps that is how you ran across this tea and its interesting history. Just wait until you find out how it is typically made in South America.

You are going to need quite a few accessories to make Yerba the traditional way. It would be a lot of fun though. It was mentioned that this tea was popularized in South America, and two countries were mentioned. You might also like to know that Argentina exports this tea to the Middle East, where it is also popular in Lebanon and Syria.

As far as its specific country of origination, that would be Brazil. It was first discovered and made into a tea by indigenous people there. Now, when consuming this herbal tea, you do have some choices that you might want to know about. You might have even run into some of them already. First, you can of course brew the tea leaves quickly or traditionally, whichever is your preferred method. You will also see that Mate is available in bottled energy drinks.

Yet it is also available as an already brewed tea. Did you know that when this herbal tea is consumed traditionally, it is often put in a gourd? Talk about a unique way to drink your next cup of herbal tea. It almost makes you want to hollow out a gourd and try it out like that, doesn’t it? It sure would make for a unique experience.

What you might want to know, however, is that in today’s world, people don’t always hollow out a gourd in South America. They still drink this tea out of what looks like a gourd, and some gourds are still hollowed out. But the gourd look-alikes are made out of different materials quite often these days.

If you do want to hollow out a gourd to drink this tea, it would be quite cool. The gourd of choice traditionally would be the calabash gourd. So far, I’ve identified some of the places where it is popular and of course its country of origination. You might also want to know where it is the most popular in today’s world. One of the countries was already mentioned.

Paraguay is one country, and Uruguay is the other country. You will also hear about it being consumed as what’s called an ‘infusion.’ This is a brewing of this tea that is supposed to be stronger than just your average herbal tea. More of the tea leaves are used, and that has much to do with the traditional preparation of this drink.

Some people say that this tea in terms of taste reminds them of certain green teas. There is also what’s called a ‘toasted version’ of Yerba Mate Amazon. It is popular in both Argentina and Paraguay. You can also pick up the cold version of toasted mate. As you can well imagine, restaurants and cafes serve up this tea in those countries, too. Take a look at how much is consumed per capita in those countries. Paraguay has Argentina beat with double the consumption per capita.

The history of Yerba Mate is quite interesting, isn’t it? There is a whole culture behind this beverage, and there are many variations too. It’s not just a tea but an infusion. You can make it traditionally, prepare it however you like or buy it bottled and ready to go. And if you ever find yourself in South America, you might want to try it as a beverage in a restaurant or cafe. It would make for a very unique adventure.

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