3 Tricks For Longevity

August 23, 2012 0 Comments

You could have spotless medical history, be on the perfect diet and exercise regularly but there is one little magical element to living a long and healthy life and it could be more powerful than a physical health regiment: socializing. Numerous studies have found that individuals with close friendships and relationships live longer than those who do not. Unfortunately, as people grow old, they lose many of their friends to illness and even death. So, you have to get a bit more creative about staying active and social when you get older. Here are some great ways to do so.

Join a golf club

Golf is the perfect sport for elderly people because it’s just the amount of physical activity they can handle combined with fresh air and uplifting scenery. Since retirement homes can look a bit depressing, not to mention just viewing the same surroundings day in and day out can get one down, it’s so nice to be on the golf course seeing all new surroundings and people. Also, you build friendships with other club members.

Card game clubs

Find a group that meets regularly for Bridge or whichever game you like. On top of keeping your mind alert and challenged, these games also create a space for you to make great friends in. Also, since a schedule has to be kept when dealing with a group, it provides you with a sense of responsibility and something to anticipate every week. Even on the days you’re feeling particularly unmotivated, you know that if you don’t get out there to meet your group they can’t do what they need to do that day. And having that motivator is great.

Virtual activities

Video games aren’t just for teens and young adults! Really, they should be for elderly individuals because they provide excitement, activity and a mental challenge all without having to leave the comfort of your home. Engaging video games such as Wii tennis are ideal for older people because they require them to get out of their bed, but aren’t physically demanding at all. But there are a variety of ways that elderly people can make use of the web to pursue their favorite activities. In fact, this gives you the chance to try activities you’ve always been curious about. In this video, an elderly gentleman finally works up the nerve to pursue his love of singing, and takes a virtual singing lesson with a famous voice coach, across the country! Those kinds of possibilities are limitless today.

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