Addiction To Ecstacy: Damaging Health Issues

July 12, 2012 0 Comments

The most widely recognized pub drug ecstacy is used by many to boost their energy level and improve their enthusiasm. Sometimes it can be mixed with other dangerous drugs and slipped into the drinks of party goers in club allowing the unaware person to become a target of its detrimental effects. Excessive use of ecstacy can cause heart attack, seizure and even death.

Ecstacy is a stimulant drug which is distributed in the form of a pill and capsule that can be consumed orally. Sometimes it is also in powder form that can be sniffed, injected and smoked by its users. Several individuals especially teens who like to party at night in night clubs and bars have been addicted to ecstacy unknowingly. Sometimes it is introduced in those places to give a enjoyable feeling and increase of energy level to users. Other potential effects of ecstacy include boost in self confidence, lose of normal inhibitions and increase in sexual needs.

There are harmful adverse reactions of ecstacy abuse that users may not realize immediately. An individual who utilizes this drug in an setting with extreme temperature especially in populated places can possibly encounter in an increase of blood pressure, heart problems and kidney disorder. Mental health professionals warn individuals of the detrimental effects of ecstacy on the brain functions. Utilizing this drug may result in depressive conditions, fear, disturbances, confusion, loss of memory and insomnia. The side effects of the drugs are normally felt by the user after an hour of absorptionwhich is known to last for six hours.

Like any other club narcotics, ecstacy is produced in street laboratories by some people who has no specific knowledge about the sources of the chemicals,the elements and the components they use. With this, it is hard to identify the actual toxicity level and the health effects of the narcotic. These drugs have common effects of hallucination, euphoria, anxiety and sweating. This makes them the most commonly abused drugs in nightlife parties and clubs. Ecstacy also cause retrogade amnesia that allows the user to totally loss recollection about the event.

The damaging effects of ecstacy are not made known to many people. Users normally just use the drugs to acquire anoverpowering experience of calmness and other purposes. This drug can cause various harmful effects in the body system. It may harm the cells that work in the formation of important compounds and compounds in the body like serotonin. Serotonin is an essential chemical that enables the nervous system to link with the brain cells and perform its function. If the amount of serotonin in the body is insufficient or excessive the nerve cell process will be influenced.

People who utilize ecstacy are usually unaware of how much of the drug they have absorbed as it depends on the type of pill being ingested which may vary in strength. This drug causes serious harm in the body system. Addiction to this drugs results in undesirable side effects and even death.

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