Advancements In Laser Tattoo Removal

June 22, 2012 0 Comments

Tattoos are becoming more popular than ever before. People from all backgrounds are using tattoos as a way to express themselves. The only drawback is that most of these people will one day want to have these tattoos removed. In the past this process was time-consuming and even painful. Laser tattoo removal has advanced far beyond what it once was, and now this process can be completed in as little as two visits to a dermatologist. Some people may be nervous or unsure of what to expect, but removing a tattoo is now easier than ever.

Since each tattoo is unique, the amount and type of treatment will be different for each person. The patient will first need to go in to see the dermatologist or visit a reputable cosmetic surgery center. Here they will be examined by the doctor and a treatment plan will be recommended. Factors, such as the quality of the tattoo and the type of ink used, will all be considered before any treatment is recommended.

The lasers that are now used in removing a tattoo can cause irritation in some patients. The laser is first tested on a small area of the skin to ensure that the patient can endure any pain associated with the use of the laser. If the pain is too intense for the patient, the doctor can administer a topical anesthetic to lessen the pain. Most of the patients have compared the pain to the snapping of a rubber band on their skin.

Once each treatment has been completed, the patient is told to place an ice pack on the area that was treated. An antibiotic cream is also used to ensure that no infection can develop in the treatment area. The area is then covered with a bandage and protected with sunscreen if the patient goes outside.

Laser tattoo removal is effective because the laser helps to break down the pigment so the body can naturally dispose of it. After multiple treatments, the tattoo will fade and almost completely disappear. This method of treatment is effective for most people and has become the main way for people to remove a tattoo.

The cost associated with removing a tattoo varies depending on a variety of factors. The cost will often range from several hundred to thousands of dollars to have the treatment completed. For those teenagers who desire to have gang tattoos removed there are dermatologists and other doctors who are willing to complete the treatment for free as a way to help teens get a fresh start.

While tattoo removal is a very effective treatment, dermatologists let patients know that complete removal simply may not be possible. There are a variety of factors that determine how well a tattoo can be removed. Even if the ink is completely removed there may still be markings from where the tattoo once was. This is simply because tattoos are made to be permanent and most will leave some form of a mark after removal.

The decision to have a tattoo removed is something people may think is too difficult or painful to have completed, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. These treatments are much more safe and effective than they were in the past, making the experience more comfortable for patients. After only a few treatments patients can begin to see results in the quest towards removing a tattoo.

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