Alcohol Dependency: Hereditary Connections

July 12, 2012 0 Comments

According to some studies, while there can be no particular reason for an individual to become addicted to alcohol, there are lot of environmental, family and hereditary factors which can contribute to the development of the habit. In current research, it’s suggested that alcohol addiction can be due to genetic factors.

Many alcohol addicts have low levels of the brain hormone, serotonin. This hormone works on an individual’s moods. When an individual has a low serotonin level, he may experience depression. Consuming alcohol will improve the serotonin levels moderately. That’s why an individual feels relaxed after taking a drink or two. But, because of alcohol, the level of serotonin quickly restores to a regular level after a few drinks. Often, when the individual drinks successively, he’ll not experience the same effect and because alcohol is a depressant, it has an effect on the senses and drinking more alcohol may result to symptoms which have to do with drunkenness. People who have been drinking or about to start drinking alcohol must know about the benefits of visiting drug and alcohol treatment centers so they can avoid the possible complications of the habit.

In most cases, individuals who are addicted to alcohol had depression problems before they’d their first drink. They utilize alcohol as a solution to their bad emotional state. With the presence of an environment which is surrounded by alcohol temptations, a person can easily develop undesirable behavioral patterns by consuming alcohol. But the question is whether low serotonin levels can be handed down by parents to the next generations. With just depression, there is already a possibility of the kids of depressed parents to be susceptible to the condition. Actually, there’s no conclusive evidence that shows the genetic link of alcohol dependency and depression but there’s a connection which tells that these disorders are somehow hereditary.

Children who’re living with parents with alcohol addiction problems should know what are substance addiction rehabs and seek counseling so they can break any learned behavioral pattern. Alcoholic parents can be abusive and violent in the family and will affect the life of every member of the family. In fact, if these parents are abusing other individuals instead of their kids, they still need to get professional help. For those who have severe alcohol addiction problems, they can have themselves treated in any alcohol rehabilitation center so that they will be medically supervised and they can be guaranteed with a successfully recovery from alcohol addiction.

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