Alcoholism And Damage It Will Cause To Our Liver

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Your liver is vital. Liver is one of the most vital organ in our body because of its function, and it is one of the largest organ in the body. For certain, the mind-boggling question would then be raised. What will happen to the liver when one is dependent on alcohol? What is the role of alcohol rehab centers in this problem?

Let’s talk about its functions first. Our liver is very effective at cleansing the body from harmful toxins especially in small amounts of alcohol in the body. It also breaks down food and transforms it into energy, processes digested food, excretes bilirubin, cholesterol, hormones, promotes metabolism of fats and proteins . In addition, the liver is working for enzyme activation, storage of glycogen, vitamins and minerals and it detoxifies and purifies the blood.

Too much alcohol is harmful. Alcoholic Liver Disease or ADL could be acquired by individuals who excessively consume alcoholic beverages together with other physical alterations. This term includes several disorders namely low blood glucose, fatty liver that could result in liver cirrhosis, gout problems and heart problems. Ethanol, a main substance in vodkas and other alcoholic drinks, is hazardous to an individual’s well being. It can cause short term and permanent illnesses. Included in the list of the illnesses are Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. Moreover, it is also observed that alcohol drinking is the leading cause of liver problems. You have to know that these disorders are not only affecting heavy drinkers but also to moderate drinkers of alcohol. Alcohol can really attack your liver little by little. As a matter of fact, individuals who have liver problems reported some affliction like loss of appetite, unusual thirst and even dry mouth, paleness and even a sudden weight gain.

These people should see what alcohol can do to their liver and other vital organs before it results in serious problems. Diseases would slice a huge percentage of the family’s income especially when the person requires medications or even surgical treatments. As a result, alcohol rehabilitation centers are made to help alcoholics save their liver. There are four staging of liver destruction. First stage is alcoholic fatty liver, second is acute alcoholic hepatitis, and next is chronic compensated alcoholic cirrhosis and the end stage cirrhosis and liver failure. Cirrhosis is a disease in the liver that is characterized by a formation of scar tissue that is a result of an accumulation of damages. Thus, these conditions will little by little destroy the person who continues heavy alcohol consumption. So, another question will be raised. How can an alcoholic conserve his liver?

In alcohol rehabilitation centers, the sufferer is obviously not allowed to take virtually any alcohol. This will give the liver a freedom from ethanol. Basically, an individual can save his liver and save his life by saying NO to alcohol. This is a hard decision especially to those who are addicted to it, but going to a reputable alcohol rehab facilities is a good start.

You need to remember that liver failure is unfavorable to an individual’s overall health. This can give a domino effect in a person’s job, economic standing and family life. Save your liver today! Get help from alcohol rehab centers in your area.

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