All-Natural Ways To Deal with Premature Ejaculation – A 4-Step Strategy To Last Longer

July 31, 2012 0 Comments

One of the better things a guy is able to do as a way to increase his self esteem is to discover a permanent remedy for preventing early climaxing. Now I’ll grant you there are tons of so called quick fix solutions out there that promise to increase your sexual staying power – products and solutions like anaesthetizing creams and sprays, some pills (which are in reality anti depressants) and specialty condoms which are extra thick and incorporate a de-sensitizing agent – but these definitely do not address the permanency of the problem. There may be a time and a place for them but if you genuinely would like to control your ejaculations, you have to get to the bottom of what is triggering PE. In my opinion, there are 4 phases that have to be addressed before embarking on any system of prevention.

Number 1. Realize what makes YOU orgasm too rapidly. Everyone is unique and there are several different factors that can induce a man to be affected. A number of men are troubled by more than one reason and my experience has shown that it is usually a complex mixture of the following situations. It frequently all begins with poor masturbation practices at an early age where the young adult is rushing in order not to be detected. Secondly there may be the regular stress and anxiety of life together with a specific thing called performance anxiety induced by the expectation of ejaculating prematurely – a self fulfilling prophecy! In addition there is the added ailment of erectile dysfunction which can induce you to hurry through love-making for fear of losing your potency.

Number 2. Choose exactly how much time YOU would like to keep going. Life is all about setting goals and alleviating PE is no different. Unless you identify how long you want to last and establish that as your target you will have no means of calculating your progress. Now, you must be realistic about where your initial level of achievement will be achieved. For instance in severe cases, some males ejaculate within the first 30 seconds so establishing a half-hour as your goal in the first week just isn’t going to happen right off the bat! Placing the bar too high is a typical problem with reaching goals and leads to disappointment and eventually overall letdown. It’s far better to make baby steps and keep expanding the target when each stage is reached.

Number 3. Remain optimistic. I know, I know. It sounds cliché – but for a very good reason. If you think that there won’t be difficulties then naturally you are mistaken, but the important point is to maintain your primary focus and overlook the slight disappointments. I’m a huge believer in visualization and a number of studies have proven how effective it can be. So picture what it will be like if you could last as long as you want and what you might do with that added endurance. Consider how much pleasure it would bring to both you and your partner.

Number 4. Never give up. Take the time to learn about the different time-tested procedures and then stay on track until finally you are successful. Some of the all natural training and conditioning tactics incorporate respiration control, correction of masturbation methods, arousal control and Kegel exercises to bolster the pelvic floor. When these, along with others, are incorporated into a comprehensive system and you practice them in a diligent fashion you will be pleasantly surprised by the benefits. It won’t take place overnight but with disciplined time and effort your mind and body will adjust and both will become coordinated as one. The secret is to know what you want, how you are intending to get there and being prepared to do what it takes to make you successful.

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