An Introduction On Stimulant Abuse And Treatment

July 26, 2012 0 Comments

Concerta is a stimulant generally used in the ADHD treatment of children. Since it is a stimulant it has great likelihood of being misused. Such dependency has several signs and symptoms that require medical assistance for proper medication.

Instead of just taking Concerta as approved by a doctor, most people tend to abuse the drug. One of the obvious stimulant abuse signs is the consumption of the drug over the recommended amount. People would like to take more of Concerta to reach the same effect. But this does not assure that only those given the drug will take it. Survey reveals that there is great concern on the regular marketing of prescribed medications to others anywhere even in school campuses. Another manifestation of addiction is behavioral in nature. People addicted to Concerta could appear hypomanic, restless, overly busy, uneasy, have difficulty in sleeping. Some of them may experience symptoms like hearing voices, being delusional, displaying violence, and becoming self-harmful. There are also those who go through paranoia, homicidal expression, irritability, violence, and reduced ability to solve problems. The physical reactions to high amounts of Concerta also pose risk to the heart, causing heart attack or failure. It could also result in seizures, muscle twitches, profuse sweating, vomiting, and insufficient consequences.

Dependant upon the healthcare requirements of the individual addicted to Concerta, stimulant addiction treatment methods are same as the other stimulant medicines. The treatment options can range from outpatient, inpatient, and to long-term care. Usually, the first medication for the abuse is detoxification, followed by personalized or individualized care and planned aftercare and then follow-up programs. Each of the treatment programs for Concerta addiction involves pre-treatment, realization of the existence of the problem, acceptance of required change, upkeep of new behavior, and relapse. Most of the successful therapy programs today use the approach of inspirational interviews in therapy. The approach directs the abuser to examine his own addiction and consider the gaps between his goals and desires as well as the role of abuse to his life This requires him to accept responsibility for all his choices and actions. Moreover, prevention of the development of new addiction should also be taken into account in treating Concerta dependency.

Should an addiction to Concerta is observed, medical attention should be made right away to provide the best, right therapy. What matters here is to gain back the life that once destroyed by Concerta misuse and abuse

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