Andropause and Depression

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There is a stage in a man’s life when he doesn’t seem to be at his best and he cannot do anything with it. It is aging at first glance but if you closely examine the symptoms, you will discover that it is andropause acting up. A state when you cannot find ‘life’ in your life? Depressing, isn’t it?

Andropause: Is it Male Menopause?

Andropause is loosely considered male menopause. It is a stage in a man’s life, a stage where he hits midlife, in which he experiences some changes that impact his physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. It often occurs in a man’s fourth decade of life and is often asymptomatic at the onset. It is like, but not quite, menopause, which occurs in middle-aged women.

There are several differences between the phenomenon of andropause and menopause. Although they both affect about the same age bracket and they often come with similar symptoms, andropause is far from being termed menopause in the full sense of the word.

When a woman reaches menopause, it means that her reproductive system completely shuts off. That is not the case with men. Even with andropause, a man’s ability to reproduce cannot be hampered. Andropause only means that a slow but steady reduction on the production of testosterone is occurring and the effects of it will gradually catch up. The symptoms do not come abruptly, as with women in the menopausal stage. The hot flushes, the sweating, the nervousness, the inability to focus and concentrate, the anxiety, the erectile dysfunction, the fatigue, the decreased bone density – these symptoms would not occur at once in a man suffering from andropause. But, as mentioned earlier, they will catch up.

Depression is the Worst Effect of Andropause

Since the effects of andropause do not come instantly, as you hit midlife, the realization may not occur even when all the signs are pointing at it. That’s the biggest battle men who suffer from andropause have yet to conquer. Depression due to the inabilities and decreased function may not come too well. So if there is one thing you must prepare for, that is depression.

How can you control depression when it is part and parcel of andropause? Well, you can go by with help from a few tips:

* Learn to appreciate your life, especially at a point when you have seemed to accomplish every challenge that came your way. Reward yourself for a good life by picking a new hobby or going back to a hobby you dropped years ago due to your hectic schedule.

* Accept that andropause is inevitable as menopause is in women. By acknowledging this state, you will be able to learn to deal with it effectively.

* Seek help from your loved ones. A strong support system will go a long way. Make sure to include in this journey the people you love and the people who truly love you.

Although many men found that taking testosterone can help with andropause they need to keep in mind that some side effects can be very serious. For those who prefer a more holistic approach they used natural testosterone boosters which are usually made out of plants that are well known for this property.

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