Are You Spending A Lot On Prescription Drugs?

June 22, 2012 0 Comments

Americans pay a lot of money on prescription drugs. However, lots of people are unable to afford the cost of the drugs. Many studies indicate, that people in the USA, nowadays, are skipping doses, or even decreasing dosages, and they’re not filling prescriptions. The increase in the prices of medicines hasn’t improved the situation. Quite a few medicines are not covered by insurance. This can be helped by following some ways in reducing money on prescription medications.

Every time a doctor recommends prescription drugs, ask them if all those are required. Ask if there is a medicine, which may be skipped. Several doctors today, understand the economic situation, and they may advise you on how to save money just by not eating a few medicines. Ask them if you can possibly begin using an alternative brand, that’s inexpensive, or perhaps pick a generic one. The identical composition is sold by many brands, so there could be less expensive options of the same drug. Sometimes the pharmacists give you advice on an alternate brand of the same composition, thus, suggesting ways of how to save money. If you are on long term medication, use mail orders to get medicines. You can also use the splitting drug option by asking for a higher dosage and using splitters to split the medicine. Some pharmacies are costlier than the others. So, shop around and compare prices. Such steps can help you save money on prescription drugs.

If a person does not have insurance for drug coverage, then s/he can use discount card programs. This card can get you a percentage discount on some medicines and medical services. Many drug companies and state governments offer discount cards. This is another option to save money on prescription drugs. Medicare prescription drug card is one such option. With Medicare, drug costs can be reduced as it provides you protection from unexpected prescription drug bills. Though, it does not cover every cost, it pays part of the cost of prescription drugs.

Medicare prescription drug card costs very less, or is sometimes available at no cost. If a person already has a medical insurance policy, these free cards will not be available to them. They have some eligibility restrictions and are for people who cannot afford prescribed drugs. Through Medicare, drug costs can be partially reduced because of their various plans. People can take advantage of some discount cards through a few organizations. Individuals who are members of such organizations can get prescription drugs at a discount. Many drug stores also offer discount cards, which can help you save money on prescription drugs.

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