Asbestos and Lead: Sorted Histories

July 21, 2012 0 Comments

Asbestos has been in use since the turn of the century. Its extensive use is something we are still paying the price for. Asbestos-related disease kills thousands of people ever year worldwide. The total cost of asbestos, from treatment to removal, will rise into the billions. Many people whose homes or places of work were built prior to the early 1970s may be exposing themselves to asbestos and not know it.

The story of lead paint is similar. It still causes problems today, namely among kids who ingest it mistakenly or people who inhale paint dust. Its use was so extensive in the past that the campaign to remove it is extensive. Like asbestos, it is in many unsuspecting homes and buildings. Such structures are in need of lead abatement.

Lead and asbestos share some similarities. Both were used extensively in the early part of the century. Both had information regarding their danger covered up by corporations for decades and both are involved in some of the largest class action suits (and countless personal injury claims).

Asbestos was used as insulation and as a fireproofing ingredient in thousands of homes and businesses. Asbestos is made of millions of little fibers. These fibers get into your lungs and digestive track where they cause scarring, lesions and cancer. You will need to call an asbestos removal company to conduct a test for asbestos. Make sure they also test for lead paint while they are there. Lead paint is another toxic building material that was highly used in the earlier part of the last century.

Lead paint chips can easily become airborne (when the paint is scraped) or fall on the ground and be ingested by pets or small children through paint peeling. Lead causes heavy metal poisoning which wreaks havoc on the body’s nerves and organs. Although it is curable, it can cause permanent damage, especially in kids.

Asbestos removal companies either remove asbestos or seal it, stopping the fibers from entering the air. Lead abatement entails getting rid of all lead paint and making sure the chips and dust are also removed. This process can usually be done fairly quickly, though it depends on the amount of lead or asbestos on the premises.

Don’t risk your health or that of your family. Call as asbestos removal company today. At the very least you will have peace of mind if your test for lead paint or asbestos comes up clean.

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