Bad Effects Of A Potent Pain Reliever

July 7, 2012 0 Comments

Vicodin, a prescription drug used to relieve pain, is very effective. Vicodin is also considered an opioid or narcotic drug because uncontrolled use of this medication is habit forming. Many people who use Vicodin feel a deep feeling of wellbeing. One of its ingredients, acetaminophen, prevents the production of pain causing substances in the body called prostaglandins. That is why Vicodin is recognized as one of the leading pills against pain in the market. When doctors’ prescription is properly followed, the wondrous effect of Vicodin can surely benefit man.

One other ingredient in Vicodin is hydrocodone. This substance is addictive and causes drug tolerance. Drug tolerance is when a constant user of Vicodin no longer feels its pain free effects unless higher doses are ingested. Dependence on Vicodin can start a week after continued use. Addiction to vicodin is becoming popular among the US and based on studies, about 20 percent of its population ages twelve and above use prescription medication for diseases that does not actually require prescription drugs. The data are alarming when we consider that the drug is extremely addictive.

Vicodin addiction develops a number of warning signs that would help us identify the problem among users. The difference between normal ordinary users from those addicted can be manifested through physical and psychological ways. Addicts use the drug in closer intervals instead of following the appropriate interval time. Consumption is greater among junkies because the pain won’t be alleviated by the ordinary dose prescribed. Those who are dependent to Vicodin are also prone to doctor shopping. When their primary doctor no more provides them with the prescription, they go to different physicians to obtain the prescription.

Vicodin prescription is given with extreme caution. One of the considerations in using this drug is that one must not take alcohol while under medication. Extreme doses can cause liver damage so prescription must be followed. When an individual takes vicodin, he must not operate machinery for one of the effects of this medication is sleepiness. Possible allergies can also occur for those taking this drug. As mentioned above, abuse of this drug can lead to liver damage but this is not all. Individuals dependent on vicodin manifest a number of side effects. Side effects of an addiction with vicodin include drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and bowel irregularity. The severity of the side effects depends also on the dosage used by the individual. Hallucinations, blurred vision, extreme confusion and even permanent deafness are also possible side effects of Vicodin abuse. It is therefore very essential that the use of Vicodin must be carefully monitored by a health practitioner to avoid abuse and future problems in health.

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