Benefits of Facials

June 24, 2012 0 Comments

While it is true that facials can relax and restore both the skin and the mind, many facials have more specific benefits. Especially if you receive them regularly, facials can help you achieve long-term, positive results with your skin.

Now, it’s important to note that there are several types of cosmetic skin treatments that fall loosely under the category of facials. Everything from acne treatments to aromatherapy to microdermabrasion can validly be lumped under facials on the services menu. Basic facials offer an array of benefits, but more specialized facials work to address certain skin types and conditions.

1. Obviously, the most important benefit of facials is improved skin. Most facials entail a cleaning, mild scrub, steam of some sort and massage. This will vary from one aesthetician to another, and different products will be used. However, most are more than happy to work with you to customize a facial for your exact skin and needs.

However, with these regular deep cleanings, exfoliations, steaming to open pores and stimulation, the skin will be brighter, fresher and have a healthier glow.

2. Facials can stimulate collagen growth which helps the skin remain tight and firm. Collagen also helps the eyes appear awake and open, plus it leads to diminished wrinkles and fine lines.

3. Facials can also serve to stimulate circulation which is good for keeping the skin hydrated and the pigmentation even.

4. If you have a specific type of skin or skin problem, you can benefit from facials because they can be totally tailored. If you’re suffering from acne, for example, a certain solution or process may be better for you than for someone who is looking for a less sensitive facial, like a chemical peel to remove several layers of skin.

Plus, facials have become very advanced over the years. You can opt for oxygen facials to encourage the growth of new skin cells or facials using microcurrents to temporarily tighten the skin and muscles of the face. Medical grade facials, often performed in a cosmetic surgery facility rather than a traditional spa, can help smooth and resurface the skin, lessening the appearance of wrinkles in a relatively short amount of time.

5. Facials are a great way to educate yourself about proper skin care. Most people pick a wash and moisturizer that works and stick with it. While this is sufficient, it never hurts to know a little more. What to do if your skin becomes too dry or too oily? What to do to prevent adult breakouts? Which products may be better for your skin type than the ones you’re currently using?

6. The relaxation factor can’t be overlooked. Aside from the benefits to your skin, facials provide you with a period of downtime during which you can recharge your batteries.

Facials are a safe procedure and typically only carry risk if you don’t disclose to your aesthetician underlying conditions or currently used products, or if you select an inexperienced practitioner. Be sure to talk with your aesthetician prior to your appointment to ensure your facial is customized to your skin type and will target your specific concerns.

There are several types of facials and many of them involve several steps and components. Learn more about basic and medical grade facials by visitng the Center for Plastic Surgery.

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