Buprenorphine Abuse And Its Negative Impact On Your Health

June 19, 2012 0 Comments

Drug addiction has been an issue for a very long time. It normally starts when folks experiment with these drugs from curiosity, peer pressure, stress and as a mean to escape from problems of life. A good example of this is buprenorphine abuse. To learn more regarding how buprenorphine abuse influences the body then keep reading this article.

Buprenorphine is the main active ingredient found in both Sobutex and also Suboxone, in high doses it’s used to treat opioid dependence. In lower doses, it is used to treat moderate chronic pain. Exactly like other narcotic drugs buprenorphine is also extracted from opioid poppy plants. Although its effect might not be as serious opioid yet buprenorphine abuse is also an issue which should dealt without any delay.

The buprenorphine addiction initially starts together with lower doses gradually the body develops a tolerance to the drug making the drug inadequate. Considering that the drug is no longer effective, the necessity to increase the dosage of the drug will also increase. In certain cases the patient takes the medication without pain episodes. They experience a feeling of euphoria, so patients take the medication on a higher dosage to experience the feeling of euphoria once more.

As tolerance begins to develop the patient also start to experience unwanted symptoms like difficulty of breathing, nausea, constipation, irregular breathing, slow heartbeat, sexual frustration, urinary retention or even difficulty urinating, dry mouth as well as insomnia. These signs or symptoms would signify that the buprenorphine abuse is beginning to take its toll on the body. The worst part is the patient might die from this addiction.

When these signs and symptoms begin to manifest, it would best to seek medical help. To prevent irreversible complications submit to a clinical check up. And before you increase or decrease the dose of your medication you should first consult your physician instead of taking matters into your own hands.

When buprenorphine is used the proper way then it might save a life of a person who is experiencing addiction from opioids. After all buprenorphine is employed to treat patients with opioid addiction. It’s never too late to change ourselves. If we’re truly willing to change ourselves then a healthier as well as happier drug free life is well ahead of us.

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