Changes That Should Alert You About Drug Abuse

June 26, 2012 0 Comments

Countless numbers of people are enduring the issue of drug addiction. It has been the cause of broken families and crimes. People experiment with these drugs out of curiosity or from peer pressure. The concern now is how can we tell that a person is addicted or what are the signs of drug addiction.

For you to recognize if a person is a drug abuser, you can take note of the following drug addiction signs.

“Track Marks” – Track marks or marks left on the users arm (or any parts of the body) when they inject a drug into their bodies. These scars are generally temporary, but if similar body part is used to inject the drug, then scars usually form. Other drug addicts utilize more subtle techniques of using drugs.

Unexplained change in personality – Depending on the drug that is being utilized, people who abuse drugs seem to have a severe and unexplained change in personality. Such as mood swings, frequent physical abuse to family and loved ones, unusual euphoria, lack of inhibitions and change in sleeping behaviours. This can be easily observed by the individuals who surround the person addicted to drugs.

Changes in performance of work or school – People who are addicted on drugs are very likely to have a decrease in work productivity or have a very poor performance in school. Noted changes would include; poor work ethics, absenteeism, and failure to have a healthy relationship with other. These people would tend to lose focus on the things that they need to accomplish making them incapable of performing and finishing tasks.

Changes in the Physical Aspect – People under the influence of drugs would experience sleep pattern disturbance or difficulty in sleeping, change in appetite or some cases drastic alteration in weight (weight gain or loss). These modifications would depend on the kind of drug being abused, like in the case of Indian hemp abuse. Under the influence of Indian hemp, they manifest blood shot eyes.

These drug addiction signs provided are just a few ideas that a person can take note to determine if an individual is a drug addict or not. The ideal method to know is thru undergoing particular tests. If you recognize somebody who is possibly an addict, then you can also search for assistance from specialist.

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