College Room Air Purifiers—5 Reasons To Put Them To Work For You

July 3, 2012 0 Comments

College dorm living often means giving up control over what’s in the air you breathe. Using an air cleaner to proactively keep your air fresh is crucial. Here are 5 of the most common reasons you should put an air purifier to work for you in your room.

Your Roommate—There are a lot of things about college that you can choose—your course of study, classes, length of time to complete the degree. But often the choice of a roommate is totally beyond your control.

If that person literally creates an atmosphere that sends your body into overdrive—scents from personal products, animal hair and dander that remains on their clothes from a pet left behind, smoke from incense or candles—just being in your room can trigger allergy, asthma, and other respiratory symptoms.

Dorm Renovations—Most institutions strive to keep student living areas clean, attractive, and as updated as possible. Painting, new carpet, and deletion or addition of walls can fill the air with chemicals fumes and dust for months during and after the work has been completed.

Shared Air Ducts—Even though rooms are separate, the ducts that provide heating and air conditioning are generally common to multiple rooms throughout the dorm. This allows solid and gaseous pollutants to travel from one space to another. This means that you are susceptible to a greater number of irritants than just those in your space.

Exposure To Large Groups—One of the advantages of a college education is that it exposes you to a large number of people of different backgrounds and mindsets.

But the continuous exposure to so many people also gives you continuous exposure to bacteria and viruses and an increased chance of being affected. That is why the Swine Flu spread so quickly on campuses in 2009.

Environmental Conditions—The setting of your school will determine the type of outdoor pollutants that you will encounter most often. If your school is locate in a rural or agricultural area, dust, pollen, airborne chemicals may work their way into indoor air.

Choosing a cleaner that can adequately remove both gaseous and particulate pollutants is a smart choice. This means that one cleaner can do the job effectively which save you money, space, and maintenance costs.

If your school is located in the heart of a city, gasoline and diesel fumes as well as dirt and smog may be issues. Using a cleaner to keep the air quality high continuously is a pro-active, non-invasive and low maintenance way to insure a healthier lifestyle.

Clearing the air of pollutants helps you think better, and feel better.  Send for the Dorm Room Air Purifier that send 125 cubic feet of fresh air into you room every 60 seconds 24 hours a day.  See it now at

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