Confronting Friends That Show Signs Of Substance Abuse

June 14, 2012 0 Comments

There will come a time when a close buddy or an acquaintance seems to have started out taking illegal drugs and they are slowly and gradually losing control over their drug abuse predicament. Initially they state they can handle their particular situation and that they can quit anytime but as you have seen they aren’t considering stopping their use any time soon. The easiest way to deal with this is to at some point speak with them and show them how it’s making their own everyday life a lot more miserable. So here are several ways on how to deal with friends that have eventually become addicted over the use of such illegal substances.

Discussing about their situation – Just after you observe the warning signs of substance abuse from your buddy, you may talk to them about what may be bothering them or what is causing them to make use of illegal drugs. This is actually a great way for them to open up and let off a few of the bottled up issues that they have been dealing with for some time. Convince them that using illegal substances is not the answer to the troubles they are facing, it is just another problem to stack up with the previous one they already have.

Drug Intervention – This particular type of technique is used on men and women who have grown to be so highly addicted to harmful drugs that they are unable to go on through the day without using. This is done by inviting the person’s closest friends, loved ones and family members to a particular place and inviting the subject without informing them of what is to take place. As soon as the person arrives at the place, each one of the family members, close friends, relatives, co-workers would talk with that particular person and convince them exactly why they should discontinue their drug abuse and that all the individuals there are ready to help them in going through the rehabilitation procedure.

Rehabilitation – This is one of the more efficient ways of making a drug user stop abusing illegal drugs. Rehab is really a place in which an illegal narcotic abuser is signed up for several weeks or months in order to treat them of their dependency. Patients are usually cut off from communicating on the outside for several weeks while they are eliminating the drugs away from their system. This is a place where they open up about the problems that they faced which made them resort to using drugs to momentarily escape the problems they do not want to face.

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