Controlling Depression By Medical Treatment

July 23, 2012 0 Comments

By Bryan Hill

Trazodone is a medicine that is typically helpful to control depression in adults. The drug is very effective for the treatment of many other depression related symptoms including thoughts of suicide, worthlessness feeling, physical pain, nervousness, unusual weight-loss or weight gain, as well as sleep problems. Scientifically, trazodone has been approved just for managing depression in adults. The medication is not authorized for teenagers and kids.

Trazodone Dosage for Sleep loss

Although trazodone is yet to be authorized for the treating of sleep loss, occasionally medical doctors prescribe it in an “unlabeled” manner for this use. Doctors often advise smaller doses of trazodone for sleep. It commonly starts with 25 milligrams or 50 milligrams at nighttime.

Trazodone Dosage for Depressive Disorders

When managing major depression, the suggested beginning dose of trazodone is 150 mg daily (separated into 2 or 3 doses each day). If symptoms continue, your doctor or any other healthcare provider may decide to give you a greater dose, or lessen the dosage if he notices any side effect of trazodone. Physicians suggest that a person should not take more than 400 mg of trazodone in one day, however some folks who suffer from significant cases of depression may be given up to 600 mg daily.

Other Considerations You Must Know About Your Trazodone Dosage

If you are using trazodone, you need to take the following points into consideration:

1/ Before you begin to experience the positive effects of trazodone, usually it takes about one or two weeks (occasionally it could take several months). Thus, when the medicine doesn’t produce the desired effect straightaway, you shouldn’t be disheartened.

2/ If you plan to take trazodone sleep aid, you should check with your doctor in advance. The medicine will not be effective if you fail to use it as advised by your doctor.

3/ The best time to take your dosage of trazodone is after food. The medication will be absorbed into your system much better after you take a meal.

4/ When possible use the medicine at about the same time every day so that the level of the medicine in your blood will stay even.

5/ In case you have any concerns about your trazodone doses, you should discuss it with the pharmacist, registered nurse or doctor. You shouldn’t stop taking the medicine until you have spoken with the doctor.

When you take this medication, you can expect to get certain side effects for instance vomiting, nausea, fatigue, drowsiness, and headache. These kinds of side effects is often very dangerous and could affect the neurological and heart. Hence, you need to be extremely careful so that you don’t exceed the trazodone dose recommended by your doctor.

Be sure to read additional info on the correct Trazodone dose. There are also more information about Trazodone sleep discussed at the page.

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