Dealing with Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis

July 7, 2012 0 Comments

Life does not end with type 1 diabetes diagnosis. Although it is a serious disease and can lead to life-threatening complications; it can be managed. It will require planning and difficult lifestyle and dietary changes but it can be done.

First, a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes means that your pancreas is no longer producing insulin, the enzyme needed to break down glucose or sugar in your blood for energy conversion by your body. This means that insulin will have to be supplied to your body in order for it to function normally. Insulin is replaced through injections using insulin syringe, insulin pens or insulin pumps. This also means that you will need to check blood glucose regularly to ensure that insulin therapy achieves its goal of maintaining your blood glucose at the desired level.

If you have led a sedentary life, a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes means it is time to change that. Exercise is definitely required to better manage your diabetes. Aside from your body benefitting from being active, blood glucose levels are found to be lower with an active lifestyle. Obesity is also a risk associated with diabetes. If you find it very tiring to lose weight before, with diabetes losing weight is a necessity.

You also need to plan the food that you eat. Having type 1 diabetes does not mean you can no longer eat anything you want; it simply means stricter control on certain food types and their portions. Nutrition is the biggest component to an effective diabetes management. Knowing how food affects your blood sugar is crucial to eating right and correct insulin dosage.

With a condition like diabetes, you could be dealing with ups and downs of blood glucose levels which many diabetics find frustrating. You will certainly need the help and support of a healthcare team. This could include your primary care physician or other specialized healthcare providers and of course the support and understanding of family, friends and the community. With the advent of the internet, diabetics can now reach out to other diabetics or access online communities of diabetics or diabetes support organizations.

Dealing with type 1 can be tough and difficult but a lot have been able to do it successfully. With advances in insulin therapy, diabetics can now use insulin pumps with integrated glucose meters and take medication even while on the go. Insulin used in therapy has also become more advanced and effective, now very similar to the insulin produced by humans. There is absolutely no reason not to be able to manage diabetes efficiently as long as you have a will to do it.

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