Details Of A Medicine For The Treatment Of Pain And Cough

July 26, 2012 0 Comments

By Bryan Hill

Hydrocodone is a medical compound that usually combined with other compounds like acetaminophen or ibuprofen to treat mild and moderate pain as well as to relieve a cough for the short term. Hydrocondone is only available when compounded with other ingredients, so based on the combination, it may be suggested for different illnesses. Talk with a health care professional before asking for something with hydrocodone as it may not be the right medication.

While taking any medication containing Hydrocone, there may be some negative effects including: vomiting, dizziness, anxiety, unclear thinking, irregular breathing, chest pain. They also include dry mouth, constipation, gas, nausea, foot or hand swelling and fast heartbeat. Common side effects are often mild and will go away the body adjusts to this medication. If you have one of those symptoms and they do not disappear in several days, you have to check with your physician for those symptoms.

While usually side effects are mild, if they still cause pain or have not gone away, it is wise to check with a physician. Some people will have reactions to the medication and need to seek medical help, even though this happens rarely. Hydrocodone is a fairly safe medication when taken as directed.


Hydrocodone is available in several forms including a pill, capsule, or syrup. Usually, it is recommended that individuals should take a dosage every 4-6 hours. For anyone who is taking the medication for an extended period of time, they should take it at the same time daily. Pharmacists also recommend, if taking the liquid form, to get a medically accurate tablespoon since household tablespoons are not accurate and will give an incorrect dosage.

Hydrocodone may also be habit-forming which is why it’s not suitable for extended use. Both pharmacists and medical doctors stress the significance of following the dosage instructions and discourage against taking larger doses or taking it more often than suggested. In cases where this happens, telling your doctor right away is essential. For those who have taken hydrocodone-containing medications for several weeks, stopping it right away may cause withdrawal symptoms and medical doctors usually advised decreasing a dose gradually.

This is general details about hydrocodone and its uses. It is an effective medication for relieving mild to moderate pain and coughing. While usually only available by prescription, doctors will prescribe it after making sure that their patients comprehend the possible risks and side effects of the medication. It might not be suitable for all age groups and people with certain medical conditions, so always check with your physician or a pharmacist before starting to take a dose of the drug hydrocodone.

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