Discover The Dangers Of Alcohol Poisoning

August 18, 2012 0 Comments

Alcohol poisoning is a condition linked to heavy alcohol intake. The most common indication of alcohol poisoning is vomiting. Many teenagers and young adults consider vomiting as a normal body reaction to heavy alcohol intake and do not pose a serious health threat. Common misconceptions about vomiting after heavy alcohol drinking are that it relieves the body from the alcohol. Greater caution must be exercised however when one throws up after heavy drinking. This is a potential sign of alcohol poisoning in the body.

The blood alcohol content (BAC) inside the body is a determiner of the presence of alcohol poisoning. Regular alcohol drinkers have a BAC below 0.08%. The law forbids driving to individuals with a BAC above 0.08% that is comparable to drinking 2 bottles of beer. The reasons for this are obvious. Too much alcohol in the blood alters normal brain and body functions. Individuals who consume alcohol excessively lose body balance, lack muscle control and suffer from impaired eyesight and hearing. Many car accidents have been linked to driving under the influence of alcohol. Individuals who are caught violating this law are punished and may be required to enter alcohol rehabilitation centers as part of rehab requirement.

Alcohol poisoning can be a result of a combination of drug and alcohol abuse. Poor nutrition also increases the chance of alcohol poisoning. Aside from vomiting, symptoms of alcohol poisoning include convulsions, low breathing, pale or bluish skin, stupor and mental confusion. Watching for these signs are very important especially in saving someone else’s life. Heavy drinking shouldn’t be taken lightly and awareness of the dangerous effects of too much alcohol intake is essential. Consistent alcohol intake could lead to greater problems of addiction and a need for therapy in alcohol rehabilitation centers may be deemed important.

Those who love to party and socialize in nightclubs and bars ought to be responsible drinkers. There’s a reason why the law is very strict with age requirements for drinking alcohol. It is understood that adults are better able to control their cravings for alcohol intake and that they use their agency properly compared to teenagers. Teenagers who drink alcohol illegally need to be watchful because of the potential danger they put themselves into. Alcohol is very addictive. People who learn to consume alcohol at an early age are more likely to end up alcoholics. Getting into the addiction is very easy but getting out of the addiction can be very difficult. Information on alcohol and its effects are widely disseminated in schools and communities to prevent teenage cases of alcoholism.

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