Do You Snore And Suffer From Sleeplessness

August 19, 2012 0 Comments

By Ralph Goldsmith

Insomnia, or sleeplessness, can have many causes. One that’s worthy of mentioning in conjunction with insomnia is snoring, if for no other reason than that snoring can, and does, contribute to sleeplessness.

Not everyone snores on a regular basis but, almost everyone has snored, or will snore, at least once in their lives due to a cold or congestion. If you snore, or if your partner is the one who snores, then it may be that this is a contributing factor in your problems sleeping.

Do you sometimes wake up with a start, without really knowing what has woken you up? If this occurs, do you sometime feel a little but out of breath? It could be that your own snoring has woken you up.

Maybe you don;t snore but your partner does. It could be that you are finding it hard to relax properly and drift off to sleep because of the sound of your partners snoring.

Or maybe you donlt have a problem with sleeping but your partner does. Perhaps it’s your snoring that is keeping your partner awake and it is they that are suffering from Insomnia as a result.

What actually is snoring and what causes some people to snore?

The actual snoring sound comes from the airflow causing vibrations within your mouth, nose or throat.

There are many reasons why someone may snore

One of the main causes of people snoring is because their nasal airways are obstructed.

This can be the result of an allergy, a cold, or a sinus infection. It can also be due to a physical deformity such as nasal polyps, or due to a structural change in the thin wall in your nose between each nostril called a deviated septum.

In some cases the snoring is caused by excessive relaxation of the tongue, or the throat, of the snorer. It then collapses and falls back into their airway causing them to snore.

The problem may be with your palate, which is the tissue that forms the roof of your mouth. This may be too long or too soft, and this may mean it is making the opening from the nose to the throat narrower causing snoring.

Does snoring harm you?

To start with it can certainly make it hard for you to get a proper nights sleep with all of the knock on effects of sleeplessness.

Sometimes it’s possible for to cure snoring by making changes in your lifestyle to combat the problem.

For others it’s as simple as changing the position in which you sleep, and that may be all that is needed. Changing your position onto your side instead of your back may be enough to stop the snoring.

You might want to consider buying a new mattress or pillow which will be better at supporting your head and neck.

If you are carrying a but of excess weight then getting rid of it is a good thing. This is because excess fat accumulates around your diaphragm and your throat and that can be a factor in why you snore.

Smoking which is known to impair your breathing may also make you more likely to snore, so stopping smoking is another good idea.

Also, alcohol before bedtime, which may seem like a solution, is probably best avoided. Alcohol is a relaxant and that includes relaxing your tongue and your breathing passages which may cause you to snore more.

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