Drug Addiction: Methods To Overcome Cravings

August 21, 2012 0 Comments

Drug and alcohol impulses are the worst type of nightmare for any individual attempting to end drug dependency. These urges for drugs or alcohol is really so strong that some individuals actually think that they are suffering from an incurable condition! The fact is that they have not effectively been detoxified.

Why do alcohol and drug addicts have impulses immediately after quitting? Drug derivatives are stored in the adipose (fatty) tissues and bind to the walls of the nerve cell inside the brain. On a physiological long term level, a person’s body is filled up with drug residuals. Therefore, the drug urges are real and are coming from inside.

Stopping biological drug impulses requires proper detoxification from drug rehabilitation centers. That’s an intensive detoxing program that takes on an average of four weeks to complete. Several programs may take longer to completely detoxify and get ready for rehab.

The program relies on a combination of exercise, nutritional supplements, and induced perspiration (sweating) inside a sauna to:

• Reduce or eliminate a lot of the manifestations related to alcoholism and substance abuse. These can include exhaustion, irritability, and depression.

• Reduce or eliminate drug and alcohol impulses.

• Increase enthusiasm towards life.

• Enhance their capacity to think more clearly.

• Increase vitality.

• Increase attention span and memory.

• Improve sense of well being.

In the program, patients need to have lots of water, nutritious meals, and sufficient sleep. The steps to end alcohol and drug urges are the following:

• Exercise burns fat and releases the drug deposits back into the circulation.

• Although releasing the drugs into the circulation will cause some discomfort, it also allows an opportunity to purge these drugs.

• Induced perspiration in a sauna will increase the elimination of drugs as well as other chemicals in the body.

• Toxins and medications exit the body typically through urine, fecal matter, and perspiration.

• Take nutritional supplements (program of minerals, vitamins and oil intake).

• These supplements replace lost vitamins and minerals, increase the mobilization of fat, and correct any deficiencies.

The program is driven by results. Clients complete the detoxing plan from the drug rehabilitation centers when a stable improvement is attained. Patients are then totally drug-free and do not experience any drug residual stimulation. There is a notable improvement in the overall health status and they demonstrate a significant psychologic stability. Their general appearance is remarkably better (particularly the skin, eyes and hair).

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