Drug Use: Identifying The Different Signs And Symptoms

June 15, 2012 0 Comments

Drug addiction is the use of prescription or unlawful drugs in order to come up with a strong and satisfactory impact. When used constantly, this habit becomes an addiction and will make annoying changes in the lifestyle of the addict like the way he deals with relationships, his employment and his family responsibilities. An individual who is abusing drugs may not be able to conceal his problem because he’ll display some apparent signs and symptoms.

Those who utilize drugs may be recognized for using a substance since they may have different cycles of cheerfulness, vitality and unresponsiveness. They usually have mood changes with extreme irritability and anger. Addicted men and women may show apathy and depressive disorders as well as delusions. They will also feel hallucinated and often demonstrate silly actions.

Physically, addicts may show sleeping and hyperactivity. They can be seen confused and not able to speak more or react directly. Most of them will have changes in their ways of eating which may lead to abrupt weight loss or gain. Physical symptoms of drug abuse also include modifications in the way the individual dresses himself and will be noticed with paraphernalia like pipes, roach clips and needles. Most drug abusers will have red and watery eyes, abnormal heartbeat, coughing, nosebleeds or severe sinus or dental issues.

Drug abuse signs or symptoms, that are normally treated in Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers, can also be shown with regards to the addict’s conduct and character. He is often with a group of different individuals in several locations. He’ll change his interests, hobbies and activities and is likely to ignore his family members most of the time. He can also be seen with secretive conduct and tends not to pay attention at some point. In fact, the worst symptom is when the individual tends to steal money or things to have some cash.

Many drugs when misused will have the user exhibit particular symptoms. For instance, people who abuse depressants will feel clumsy, unable to focus, can’t speak clearly or often feel drowsy. Those who utilize drugs will have red and glassy eyes, unreasonable smiles or laughter, lack of interest and motivation as well as weight gain or loss. When used and misused, hallucinogens will give users mood swings, hallucinations, dilated pupils and frustration.

Drug addiction effects can only be eliminated when the abuser decides to stop utilizing drugs. Those who are also suffering from alcohol addiction can be treated by Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Although he can be supported by some concerned individuals, he must be interested and dedicated to stop.

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