Dual Diagnosis: Know Its Signs And Manifestations

June 18, 2012 0 Comments

So what is dual diagnosis? A person who suffers from this particular condition has occurring mental illness and substance abuse problem. This may be hard to manage for the individual suffering from such since these two co- existing problems can highly affect the course of his or her life. Even members of the family may experience the difficulty of dealing with their loved ones who have the disease. This is beyond both parties control. Professional help in dual diagnosis center should be considered in order to overcome this condition. The good news is that those who are suffering from dual diagnosis have a great chance to recover.

Problems affecting the individual with dual diagnosis may badly affect him or her. They can become very emotionally unstable. While these are 2 different issues happening at once, doctors may even have a hard time diagnosing it. Drug abuse can happen when an individual taking that certain drug for treatment is continually using it way beyond the doctor’s advice or the drug is used to ease a mental problem like depression or anxiety. For those who already have existing mental disorders may be drawn to using drugs to make them feel better. They tend to self- medicate to relieve the pains they are going through. And since it can only lead a short-term effect that is when they continuously take the drug because the addiction makes them lose those negative emotions that they are dealing with.

Treatment centers can help the patients recover by going through simultaneous therapy. When this problem is ignored or untreated, the high dependency of the substance can worsen the case. Living with this problem is indeed very difficult for an individual and the people around them. But because of integrated dual diagnosis treatment, they have better chances to have a successful recovery. There are even self- help groups who can help them maintain a normal living condition right after recovery.

Seeking expert help can provide higher chances for the individual get his life back to normal. Victims can know how to deal with these cases more than anyone. They will lead the sufferer along the way until they find him or her fully fit to go back and live their lives. Assistance after treatment is also provided like job placement or housing. They will be able to feel that freedom they have been deprived from by dual diagnosis. They have a good chance to fight the condition when professional medical help is involved.

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