Dual Diagnosis Recovery: Effective Treatment Procedures

July 23, 2012 0 Comments

Many people seek drugs and alcohol to escape from emotional problems that they are going through. Healthcare professionals believe that in order to treat a patient who is addicted to drugs and alcohol, it is also necessary to handle his psychiatric disorder. The step by step process administered for patients in facilities for dual diagnosis is very effective in treating two prevailing diseases at the same time.

Some people use drugs or alcohol to treat themselves causing mental issues and others who have been using the substances for pleasure have developed emotional disorder over time. The first step to treat these patients in centers for dual diagnosis is done through assessment tests which help professionals identify their current health conditions. For many experts, it does not really matter which problem came first as the treatment should be done simultaneously. The method will enable patients to achieve recovery as early as possible.

Detoxification is another step to dual diagnosis treatments that offer a patient the physical help that he may require. Drugs and alcoholic addicts who undergo a detox are monitored by a licensed medical staff in the center to assist them in case complications will occur. Dual diagnosis patients with substance abuse issues can choose between inpatient and outpatient services. The inpatient facility for dual diagnosis features different treatment programs for people who are physically addicted to drugs and alcohol. The outpatient facility is offered to those who do not need detoxification. These will enable patients to make their own schedule for counseling. The therapy will also help them recover from the psychological issues that lead them to addiction.

The last step to a complete dual diagnosis treatment recovery is a follow up therapy. There are many centers that provide a full preparation for the patients to deal with the temptations of the real world that might cause them to have a relapse. Regular counseling is still offered to patients once they leave the facility. Some can offer apartments where patients can live and still have access on the medical staffs who will guide them on how to live on their own.

Dual diagnosis treatment centers are managed by medical experts assuring that all patients will receive a safe treatment. This is the ideal option to choose for patients who have a psychological problem and substance addiction at the same time. The full supervision of the staff will allow patients to meet the medical requirements that they need to achieve a complete recovery.

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