Exercises To Eliminate Gynecomatia

August 9, 2012 0 Comments

Man boobs are predominantly caused by two reasons. The first of them can be owing to hormonal imbalances which trigger the growth of breasts among men and the second is simply putting on more fat. Obesity is almost always one of the precursors of man boobs. For some men it may be hereditary and in such cases one may have to consult a physician or a doctor. Those who are struggling with man boobs owing to fat and unhealthy dietary habits can easily use gynecomastia exercises to reduce the size of their chest.

The exercises to reduce man boobs are pretty much common ones which are a part of any fitness regimen. However, the exercises for man boobs are primarily aimed at working the pectoral muscles that are in the chest area. Before we talk about the specific man boob exercises, it should be noted that normal jogging, long walks and cutting down on the calorie intake can also help one to reduce the size of their man boobs and lose them entirely.

There are several exercises to reduce man boobs and it is not necessary for one to go about doing every one of them. Here are three best exercises for man boobs which would always work for all and sundry, irrespective of age and type of body.

The classic bench press is one of the best man boob exercises. If you have been to a gym or have worked out even once in your lifetime then the classic bench press would be nothing new to you. Those who are unaware, you just need a bench, a pair of barbells and a rod. You can select the weight of the barbells as per your own preference. You lie down on the bench with your back down, hold the barbells connected via the rod at your chest level and then you pull them up in the air till your arms stretch and then bring them down to your chest level while your elbows are aligned at 180 degrees to each other and at 90 degrees to the side of your body at the chest level. You must breathe out while pushing the barbells up and breathe in while pulling them down. Your back must not move at all during the exercise.

Pushups are also among the best exercises to reduce man boobs.

Dips are one of the easiest and most effective exercises for man boobs. You can opt for bar dips for even better and quicker results.

A combination of these three man boob exercises would always get results and if you cannot head to a gym then you can opt for the other two in your living room. you can also try exercise program design specifically to reduce man boobs, such as the Chest Coach System.

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