Exercises To Get Your Pre-Pregnancy Body Back

back to shape after pregnancy
October 16, 2015 0 Comments

After having a baby, many women struggle with getting their pre-pregnancy body back. For most women, the nine months spent growing their newborn means that they have gained some extra weight, and they may also be struggling with weak or loosened muscles that have been stretched to accommodate their baby. It is important for these women to remember that their body has recently accomplished a major task, and it will take some time to get their body back to the way it was before.

For new mothers wishing to get their pre-pregnancy body back, there are a few guidelines that should be followed to protect their health. Women who have just had a baby should be careful when starting a new workout program. They should consult their doctor regarding when it will be safe to begin working out again. Most women should be able to perform some simple exercises once they are six to eight weeks postpartum. It is also important to begin a new exercise routine slowly, and notice how the body responds to the movements.

Walking is a great way to begin a new workout program post-partum. Walks can be easily adapted to a person’s fitness level by increasing or decreasing speed. New mothers might choose to walk on sidewalks or walking trails where they can also take their baby. Exercising in the early morning or evening can ensure that there is a comfortable temperature for walking. Once a walking routine has been established, some new mothers find that adding some arm or leg weights can strengthen their muscles while also burning extra calories. Many mothers also find that walking with friends or a group of other new parents can help to increase motivation for working out.

In addition to walking, some simple strength exercises can be added to the exercise routine. Most new mothers struggle with their abdominal muscles. Strong crunches are not recommended immediately postpartum as they can cause damage to the muscles if they are performed too soon following childbirth. Isolation techniques such as tensing and releasing the muscles are a great way to ease these muscles into their former shape. Once these exercises can be tolerated, then crunches and sit-ups can be added to the routine. As always, new mothers should check with their doctors before beginning strenuous exercises.

Finally, a new mother is more likely to keep up with a new exercise routine if she is comfortable. Flexible clothing that moves with the body should be worn, along with appropriate shoes. Many mothers find that it is easier to buy women’s sportswear at sportswear online stores so that they can find the right fit. Drinking water and taking short breaks are two other ways to maintain a comfortable exercise routine that will help a new mother to get her pre-baby body back.

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