Factors That Affect IVF Success Rates

August 9, 2012 0 Comments

By Louise Collins

So what is In vitro fertilization, which is also referred to as IVF? This process is a type of fertility treatment that was first invented in 1978. It involves joining the sperm and the egg outside of the womb. The resulting zygote is placed inside of the mother’s womb. Most doctors implant multiple embryos in order to increase the chances of success. The mother may use her own eggs or make use of donor eggs.

What are some of the factors that affect IVF Success rates?

It is estimated that 27 percent of mothers who have one round of IVF will get pregnant. Approximately 43 to 57 percent of mothers will get pregnant after a third round. Nearly 71 to 80 percent of women will get pregnant after a sixth round. However, it is important to note that there are several factors that can affect the actual success rate.

The quality of the egg is one of the major factors that affects the success rate. Women who are under the age of 35 usually have the best quality eggs. It is estimated that women who are under the age of 35 have about a 50 percent chance of becoming pregnant from in vitro. Women who are between the ages of 40 and 45 only have about a 25 percent chance of conceiving. Egg quality begins to drop slightly after the age of 30, and then it begins to drop sharply after the age of 35. The man’s sperm has to be of good quality also.

The timing of the protocol is another factor that will increase or decrease a mother’s chance of conception. Because many women who opt to get in vitro do not ovulate on their own, the specialists will have to use artificial methods to induce ovulation. A woman has a very low chance of conceiving if the egg is not place around the time ovulation is induced.

Women should also be cognizant of the fact that their lifestyle choices can boost or decrease their chances of conceiving. Women are strongly advised to quit smoking at least three months prior to getting IVF. Furthermore, being overweight can also decrease the chance of conception. Women are also advised to lose weight prior to getting this treatment if they are more than 30 pounds over their ideal body weight. Additionally, it is very important for women to pick a clinic that has a relatively high success rate.

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