Facts About ADHD Meds Ill Effects

July 2, 2012 0 Comments

Have you heard of ADHD medicines without harmful effects? Sad to say but most of the ADHD drugs we have at present have hosts of side effects. Due to the myriad news about the ill effects of ADHD medications side effects and ADHD medicine abuse, some parents refused to take their kids to the physicians. The side effects of these medications are scary reality for countless children, adults and parents.

The negative effects of these meds are much more serious than we anticipate. If you do not have the time to read the list of ADHD dangerous side effects revealed by some drug companies and reflect on their short- and long-term effects, then consider perusing this write-up to have an overview of ADHD meds and come up with the appropriate treatment decision for your loved ones.

The primary ADHD symptoms consist of inability to concentrate, hyperactivity, physical tic and inability to focus. These symptoms are extremely disruptive to kids, thereby making it impossible for them to take part in several activities at school, home and outdoors. For these reasons, many parents seek the help and guidance of rehabilitation center to get the applicable remedy and rehabilitation. In majority of situations, resolving this problem implies giving them stimulant-based meds but this also means dealing with its side effects as well.

Nowadays, there are numerous ADHD medicines sold in the market such as Concerta, Ritalin, Strattera, Vyvanse, Adderall and many more. All these drugs raise dopamine production in the brain to improve concentration, to alleviate hyperactivity and to improve focus. Even though these medications have immediate positive results on patients, it is only short-term and short lived because it only treats surface symptoms instead of the root cause of the problem.

Since these prescriptions are stimulant-based, they have lots of damaging effects like dizziness, vomiting, agitation, sleepless and appetite changes. In some instances, the side effects of ADHD medicines can be serious since it affects brain and heart functions of patients resulting to heart-related problems, psychosis and mental depression.

Drug addiction is another probable disadvantage that parents should take care of. Since patients have to take ADHD medications throughout their lives, addiction is a major problem. It is impossible to remove patients from their treatment because it brings about loads of new symptoms.

Now that you are aware of the effects of ADHD medications on the health of individuals with hyperactivity disorders, be sure to make the appropriate decision for your loved ones.

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