Facts Stating That A Previous Substance Abuser Is A Great Rehabilitation Therapist

July 25, 2012 0 Comments

Everyone goes through very dark times in their life. For some, this dark days are spent at times that they’re affected by any type of addiction. The horrible experience of addiction and the sacrifices that has to be done to recover from it is something that only a person who went through it can understand entirely. Anyone can observe and study addicts. They can even live and work with them and also have a clearer view of the effects of addiction. A former addict doesn’t only know addiction; they have the first hand experience with it. Because of this, they can empathize with addicts more than those who merely study them. They know exactly how it feels to be in that dark place.

People who have engaged themselves with the extensive use of prohibited drugs have many subjective experiences. No words can accurately describe the overwhelming craving for their addiction and also the unstoppable urge to have it no matter what the consequences. They want to stop but they can’t. These are the type of experience that others can only observe. On the other hand, being an addict doesn’t make a person the best rehab counselor. As a matter fact, most drug dependents doesn’t really know what is happening to them or how did they ended up in the situation they’re in. Sometimes they don’t even know if they can get out from it.

You don’t have to become an addict just to be the best addiction counselor. Drug addiction isn’t a prerequisite or part of the training course to become a specialist counselor for drug rehab. There are several counselor for drug rehab who never did drugs before but has proven themselves to be highly skilled and talented in guiding and helping addicts to recover from their sickness one step at a time.

Well trained and very dedicated alcohol and drug counselor who also conquered their addiction have something more special and an added edge. This gives them a better chance to probe the mind and explore the life of their clients. This can help the patient get more success in the treatment.

Degrees in drug counseling are available in different prominent universities. Students who enrolled in this substance abuse counseling program can expect their course load to include discussions on mental disorder and also drug addiction as well as trainings on how to deal with individual and group counseling, addiction therapy sessions, and workload management. Students are required to have a high school diploma if they want to enroll in a two year course in counseling. They can also enroll in a 4 year course which will train them to diagnose and come up with the appropriate treatments for their patients.

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