Fashion Forward In The World Of Medical Uniforms

June 30, 2012 0 Comments

For people who work outside of the medical field the medical uniform situation at a hospital or other health care facility might seem a bit strange. People are clearly wearing a uniform but there is a wide array of variations in style, color and cut. You might find yourself wondering “don’t they provide one medical uniform that is actually, well, uniform?” In some cases a hospital will provide it’s doctors, nurses and aides with a particular set of scrubs but in more cases medical workers are asked to buy their own and as a result there is an element of self expression even as the clothing choices are essentially the same. That little bit of room available to medical workers has become a great place for the fashion industry to play.

Playing with conventions in ways that break the mold can sometimes leave brand name fashion designers going off the rails and making clothes that absolutely no one will actually wear. The interesting thing about name brands getting into the designing, manufacturing and distribution of medical uniforms, lab coats and scrubs is that there is a specific criteria they are married to. In order to properly make a set of medical scrubs there are things you can and can’t do and from there the designer gets to play in a framework. As a result you get more subtle innovation in look and feel without throwing out the baby with the proverbial bathwater.

The craft of making clothing that people want to wear is different than the craft of making elaborate designs as art pieces and the functional fashion world does not get much more functional than the world of medical uniforms. As a result the slight expressive embroidery on Cherokee scrubs or the helpful and convenient pocket added to a pair of Dickies scrubs are of more interest than say a large design element of some sprawlingly lush evening gown.

Fashion meeting function is of course the place most people’s dress style lands. Few of us go out wearing clothing that looks like it belongs on a runway in Paris. Instead we find the sorts of clothes that look nice and offer us some relative level of comfort. We look good in simple patterns and traditional shirts and slacks and that is enough. The subtle change in color or the size of a particular sleeve or cuff is where we show our own colors. Medical uniforms, thanks to fashion brands, can now offer those same hints of self expression and the results are a great style leap forward even as it seems like just a small step.

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